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The Church Review

The Church Review: This was Dario Argento’s attempt to branch off from the Demons series he is most known for and while this was meant to be Demons 3, it’s far superior to either enter in that series. The characters are all well-acted and are also well-developed. They add a send of humanity to an otherworldly story. I also loved how many characters that were developed got killed, it created a great sense of dread and I genuinely didn’t know who was going to die. Then there’s the plot. The plot is a perfect mix of atmospheric horror and supernatural terror. We get the right buildup and progress leading to the next scenes. What comes after are scenes with great symbolism and grafter moments, not to mention the electrifying special effects that bolster just about everything in the movie. It’s a nice little horror movie with good characters and extreme effectiveness. Its English dubbing can get sloppy at times, but it’s ferocity as well as original and creative premise more than makeup for it. Overall, The Church is a good movie with memorable characters, a well-written script, and spectacular special effects that are truly unforgettable. As of now, this is my favorite Dario Argento movie. 7.1/10