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The Devil's Candy Review

The Devil’s Candy Review:
This movie isn’t satanic, it’s not gory, but it’s well made. The poster, advertisement, and title would leave you to assume this is a Rob Zombie-like attempt at a haunted house story. But it’s one of the smartest written and well-executed films I’ve seen in the horror genre.
Let’s start off with the actors. Each one of them doesn’t just do a fantastic job, but gives a tour de force performance. Ethan Embry as the father gave a lucid and powerhouse turn as a man being turned and tempted. Pruitt Taylor Vince was an unnerving villain and conduit. Kiara Glasco was an instantly likable lead who could be one of my favorite final girls in horror history.
Now the plot is something altogether. You feel the presence of The Devil, but you never actually see him. You know and feel he’s pulling the strings and you don’t have to see him to know his horrifying presence has consumed the room.
The film also has a great soundtrack and is defined by the music it intertwined into its scenes. The cinematography was also gorgeous. Overall, this was a solid film that’s only flaw was that it ended. I didn’t want this movie to be over. 4.5/5 Stars. #movie #movies #moviereview #moviereviews #devilscandy #horror #2017 #devil #evil #scary #acting #talent #sequel #expand #bloodydisgusting #new #weekend #sunday #monday

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