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The Evil Dead Review

The Evil Dead Review:
Tonight’s late night review is one of the greatest classics in horror history—the 1981 Sam Raimi masterpiece, The Evil Dead. The movie is the perfect amalgamation of fear, passion, and ingenuity that it’s able to create something that stands the test of time nearly forty years later.
The movie takes a simple premise but somehow turns it into a brutal fight for survival. The story is always straightforward but there’s a subtle genius to it all. The characters and the executions, they all were random but horrifyingly executed. You truly didn’t know who was going to survive and in the end, Lilly made it out alive or half alive anyway.
The movie has only gotten better with age as we see so many other films try to replicate its level of intensity and atmosphere only to come off as knockoffs. It’s legacy and quality skyrockets at every passing year as the feats it accomplished were done with so little means which makes it that much more impressive.
Overall, the Evil Dead is the ultimate late night movie. It represented a turning point in horror and is truly one of the greatest pieces in the genre. 9.9/10

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