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The Exorcist Review


The Exorcist Review:
Hailed as one of the greatest films of all time, if not the scariest film of all time, today’s review is none other than The Exorcist.
When I sat down to watch this I was another both thrilled and amazed at not just how well this film was made but how well it has aged. Despite countless films taking notes and trying to replicate its formula, The Exorcist is still a ferociously original and creative tale of demonic possession.
From the subplots to the character arcs, this movie stands apart in the Exorcist sub genre nearly 50 years later. Then we get to the characters themselves. The complex personalities and hard hitting questions the motivations and performances from these classic personas bring forth an emerging experience for any movie goers.
The best of which is Regan. Her terrifyingly convincing performance as a possessed girl rattled audiences all these decades later. It reviles and disgusts in 2018 as much as it did way back in 1973. The level of skill and effort put into this film to not just make it another simple horror film but something truly smarter and unforgettable is almost forgotten in today’s day and age.
The only thing that may surpass my admiration for this movie is my respect for its very creation. It’s revolutionary effects and heart pounding scares have added up to truly be one of the scariest films of all time.
The truly brilliant move this movie makes is not just being for critic snobs, but being able to be watched and understood by your general audience. It’s the smartest kind of film in every sense of the phrase.
Overall, The Exorcist is an unrelenting force of paranormal horror that goes to show you how watered down and unintelligent most modern supernatural fairs have become. It’s brilliant characters and pulse pounding scares will be marked in the history books for decades to come! 9.5/10

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