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The Fog Review

The Fog Review:
In my opinion the most underrated John Carpenter film, The Fog is a thrill ride of atmosphere and suspense. More than it’s master storytelling, the characters Tom Atkins and Jamie Lee Curtis, turn in wonderful performances of leads full of charm, charisma,as well as chemistry.
They bring loads to the film with their confident performances and top notch dialogue. Carpenter is at his best writing and directing when it comes to these two. The side character alongside them bring loads of atmosphere and character to the town itself, making this one of Carpenter’s strongest and most well built casts to date.
Then there’s the antagonists, and they,re phenomenal, to say the least! They’re simple motivation of revenge, the special nature of their being, and combined with they’re throwback to Ghost movies of the 40’s to 50’s vibe and it all comes together for a truly masterful love letter.
They’re terrifying when concealed in that fog and because of their brutal and random nature it leads to some truly suspenseful and intense scenes decades later.
Now back to the story, while it’s simple and straightforward, it has loads of heart. Carpenter interjects his absolute best aspects as s filmmaker into this movie. Weather it’s the unforgettable score, the classic dialogue, the menacing villains or the perfect atmosphere of brimming opening that sets the tone of the movie flawlessly, this film is Carpenter’s best work.
It’s a simple story that has the capacity to wrap you into the lives of this ocean side town and it gets you invested in each one’s story. They’re people and you come to love them. But for a horror fan you’ll come to live the practical effects, use of lighting, music, and set prices most of all. It makes this movie a special treat and something you’ll never get tired of viewing.
Overall, The Fog is a trademark Carpenter film because he hit his mark and found which beats were his, and his best beats are in this film. 8.8/10

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