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The Funhouse Review

The Funhouse Review:
In honor of the passing of the Great Tobe Hooper, I’ll be reviewing a slew of his films, both the lesser knowns and his genre-defining work.
This movie is a return to gruesome form for Hooper. He again pushed boundaries and limits in this 1981 slasher flick that very much resembled his work in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This film may borrow a few elements, but it’s its own carnivorous horror story waiting for whoever happens upon it.
I would say that the film has good characters. Much like the Chainsaw Massacre, these are everyday people who are instantly likable. When faced with this horrible turn of events, they show who truly had the merits to survive. Those who break down, leech off the others, thus their true grit isn’t worth much.
However, one girl rises above the others to fight her way to safety and the fight isn’t an easy one. She is put through the ropes of blood and gore to come out on top and it’s a fun ride along the way.
We also have a fantastic antagonist who got some nice development and is all kinds of disgusting. From his child-murdering, maturity problems, disfigurement, and rape insinuations, he is a formidable foe.
The plot, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. It has some amazing set design, thick atmosphere, and a truly brutal and nail-biting plot. Despite that, it doesn’t fall in the generic. The story will surely have your eyes glued to the screen and there are moments where you’re truly shocked. Unfortunately, the majority is more of the same.
Overall, this movie is lifted up by a strong cast, engaging story, and good villain courtesy of genre master Tobe Hooper. It’s a brutal, murderous, and unforgettable thrill ride. 7.9/10

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