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The Hills Have Eyes Part II Review

The Hills Have Eyes Part II Review:
Tonight’s late night movie is The Hills Have Eyes Part II. The sequel to the 70’s horror classic that currently rests at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, is it that bad? No it really isn’t.
First off, we have a strong cast. The characters may fall in the generic and predictable, but they are well-acted, have good chemistry with one another, and have witty dialogue even now and then. It’s not a perfect cast by any means or as good as the first, but they’re still an admirable group that you want them to make it.
Of course, we have Michael Berryman returning as Pluto which is a role he does very well: it’s his best role and he truly shines as the cannibalistic psycho.
The new cast of hill cannibals are all good characters and are an acceptable replacement. The plot could have been better. It was an interesting continuation that didn’t copy the original, but was predictable. While it’s execution was good, the story and deaths could be guessed before anything happened.
The story was well constructed and had great effects, lighting, and setting, but the story itself was lacking. I don’t understand the age for this movie, it was lacking but that doesn’t mean it’s horrible. All films have problems and just because this one had a few more than usual shouldn’t mean it should get thrown to the curb.
Overall, this was a worthy sequel to one of the greatest horror films of all time and deserves more love than what it is currently receiving. 6.9/10

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