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The Howling Review

The Howling Review:
Tonight’s late night review is a better known film than most that make this slot. This is one of the greatest werewolf films of all time,and I highly recommend the @shoutfactory collectors edition.
The film takes the werewolf story and breathes new life into it. It’s still terrifying decades later and the characters are unforgettable. This is particularly true for the sympathetic and well-developed heroine that goes through loads of obstacles to become a selfless and inspiring protagonist.
The characters are all well-acted and the villains have a surprising amount of depth and complexity. While the entire cast of this movie do a fantastic job.
The plot is even better. It’s original in just about every aspect and genuinely shocked and surprised me. It took advantage of its setting to create a ton of organic and suspenseful chase scenes. The entire set-up and surroundings are just prime with terror-filled atmosphere.
Then there’s the effects. The werewolf transformation effects are some of the best in the genre’s history. They pop, bleed, and exude passion. The feel fluid and deserve all the praise in the world.
Overall, The Howling is one of the greatest werewolf films of all time because it has a fantastic cast, a phenomena story, superb setting, thick atmosphere, and astounding effects. 8.3/