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The Meg Review


Honestly guys, it’s a fun B movie about a giant shark. How can you not enjoy this? This movie brings fun back to the silver screen a surprising wit and absolute authority.
First off, the cast. Jason Statham commands the lead as a charismatic smoldering hero. His cheesy classic lines only add to his characters vibe. The chemistry everyone has with him leads to some really great moments.
Something I didn’t expect was the emotional impacts of the deaths. Some gave me goosebumps and were genuinely inspiring. However, their sacrifice was short lived due to misplaced humor. Then there’s Meg itself and she’s killer. The effects were top-notch and the story fully realizes it’s insane premise by giving us a prehistoric throwback of a monster we haven’t seen on then big screen in years.
The plot is pretty straightforward as well. It has new ideas and I like how it gradually evolves from a simple self-contained story to another. It never gets too big and always keeps to the characters and places it knows, leaving for a surprisingly atmospheric film.
I also have to brag about it’s suspense. There are some nail biting, heartstopping, edge of your seat moments. This movie had me gripping my seat and I loved every second of it.
Overall, all I can say is this mega shark movie delivers on all the fun and scares you’d want in an end of the summer shark movie. It may end up being one of my favorites of the year out of pure fun. Just go in with the right expectations. 7.1/10

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