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The Predator Review

The Predator Review: I’ve thoughts a lot on this one, I’ve gone back and forth on how much I dislike and like it. Let’s just jump in. I both love and hate this idea for a story. The first thirty minutes were perfect or close enough. We were introduced to our main set of hero’s in a new story for the predator that respected its history but moved the franchise forward. It embraced its R rating for glorious brutality on the predator’s behalf and really land to Shane Black’s brilliantly clever dialogue. The story is engaging and the use of beautiful practical effects mixed with excellent CGI put this on the path to being a solid 8 or 8.5. It brought the predator back with a vicious bang and I was loving it, then it all just dropped. The story took a new turn with the ultimate predator and its new mythology along with new ideas for a subplot that just felt childish. It went from a hard R action survival comedy to basically a violent comedy. From there we have some truly great moments and Shane Black tries his hardest but the story’s reach far outreaches its grasp. The story also takes the idea behind the predators and tries to evolve it into something it honestly something that, I’m my opinion, is very hard to adapt. It doesn’t help the film fails to adapt this idea adequately. The ending is just like the movie. I really enjoyed everything up till the actual ending, which was jokingly bad. We have a showdown with the ultimate predator and some serious casualties, followed by the dumbest most poorly written ending in the series. Overall The Predator is a fifty bag for me. I love it and hate it, but its veracious action and impressive effects make for an entertaining two hours. As a fan of the series, you’ll walk away endless mad at wasted potential and a setup sequel you really don’t want to see. 5.1/10
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