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The Serpent and The Rainbow Review


The Serpent and The Rainbow Review:
Tonight’s late night review is yet another Wes Craven flick and yes, this is yet again another one of his best.
This film takes a subject that has barely been explored and usually with lacking results to create the rare gem that Wes Craven is all too often known for.
First off,  we have a great slew of central characters. Our lead is a dedicated and well-developed everyday man who easily guides the audience through the foreign and buzzard traditions of Voodoo. However, even he would have been lost without Cathy Thomson. She was a great side character with loads of personality and had genuine chemistry with Pullman. It’s a romance in a horror film that doesn’t feel forced.
Then there’s the villain. He’s a perfect blend of the supernatural and being grounded. He offers some great real-world symbolism and reflection, but still is terrifying and makes for a different kind of antagonist.
The plot is as good as they come. It’s a fine mystery and horror film that is packed to the brim with stressful moments and phenomenal effects. The story itself is a deep and fascinating dive into voodoo and modern medicine. It begs some great questions and will have you thinking long after the credits roll. The finale, in particular, is brutal, emotional and resolves a great character arc which makes for a satisfying end to a hate-able antagonist.
Overall, Serpent and The Rainbow is a fascinating venture into the world of classical zombies and voodoo. It has fine performances on all aspects and the accompanying scares back it all up. Wes Craven, as usual, has outdone himself. 8.1/10

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