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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review:
This movie is one of the greatest horror films of all time, one of the most influential movies of all time, and one of my favorite horror films of all time.
It’s a compelling look at what true passion behind and in front of the camera can be. We have a young stove Hooper commanding the screen in a film that terrifies over 40 years later.
The cast, on the other hand, is spectacular. Each is a nice, relatable, character that get good development through the dialogue shared in the van. You especially become attached to Sally, our final girl, who through grit and an unrelenting urge to survive, became one of the most iconic final girls in horror history.
As always, Gunner Hansen puts on an electrifying performance as Leatherface. By only using body language, guttural noises, his mouth, and his eyes, he becomes a nightmare incarnate.
Now the plot is straightforward, but effective nonetheless. It allows room for the audience to become attached to the character, and the sudden deaths projects the realism of the film onto the audience. Not to mention the gorgeous cinematography that looks phenomenal nearly 40 years later. This film is a powerful part of global cinematic history because of its legendary antagonist and iconic protagonist.
Overall, it’s one of the finest films ever made and a true restatement to what a passionate director and a low budget is capable of. 9.5/10

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