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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review:
Make no mistake, this is the remake of the classic original. This movie fortunately does what every remake should do, take key elements but craft your own story. The movie borrows what’s needed from the 1974 original, but takes the time to developed its own world.
When it comes to the cast, we have a nice group of kids that get well enough development through dialogue in the van and through tragedy. It helps create a sense of personality for everyone and you end up caring for their welfare. That’s an oddity in a horror remake. Leatherface is given a terrifying redesign and they also manage to keep him a mentally underdeveloped man child instead of a faceless killer.
The best addition to the cast, however, is R. Lee Ermy as the crazed lawman. He is ferocious, hilarious, and a an all-around awesome part of the film.
The plot has its flaws, but comes out on top. It’s a tension-filled gory remake with good development and gorgeous cinematography. That’s because the man who did the cinematography for the original did the cinematography for the remake—a fun little fact.
Anyhow, the story keeps you entertaining and is quite competent. It’s an ever evolving story that allows the audience to be moved by the characters. Now the story is predictable and logic goes out the window towards the end. However, those are just a few flaws in an otherwise great remake.
Overall, this movie is one of the best horror remakes because of a strong cast and good story. 7.8/10

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