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The Thing Review

The Thing Review:
Not just one of John Carpenter’s greatest prices of work, but one of the greatest films ever made. This is a superbly made horror film with an excellent cast, director, and effects. The movie shows the absolute finest the genre has to offer.
First off are the spectacular characters. We get to see the bonds between them and are introduced to their personalities naturally. It makes it even more intense and horrifying to see them slowly turn on one another. Even the audience begins to have their own doubts about who is and who is not infected. At any point in the film you suspect just about everyone of being “The Thing.”
Kurt Russell is the perfect lead to help us through this. He is likable, grizzly, but most importantly logical. He does what needs to be done, no two things about it.
The effects are even better. This film has some of if not the best practical effects in cinematic history. They are horrifying, terrifying, a spectacle, and a true piece of art. Whenever one of the Things pop out, you can’t look away from the masterpiece that is the practical effects and animatronics at work. They, decades later, are still some of the best effects in the history of cinema.
Overall, The Things is a classic plain and simple. You have a great cast, great story, phenomenal effects, and a classic theme to package it all up. It’s a quintessential horror film and film in general. 9.6/10