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The Vault Review

The Vault Review:
Tonight’s late night review is the recently released The Vault, co-starring James Franco. I honestly went in with low expectations but I’m happy to admit this film exceeded everything I could’ve wanted.
First off, we have a strong trio of leads. Our first sister, Francesca Eastwood, is the in control leader who has a well-developed dark side. Taryn Manning is the emotionally unstable and broken sister looking for money and resolution to some personal problems. Scott Haze is a kind and good man who’s made mistakes, but he’s looking for family and redemption and fortunately he finds both.
James Franco gave an outstanding performance. He was both kind and compassionate while at the same time gave off a quiet creepiness. One of my favorite performances of his, to date. The villains are brutally creative and exceptionally scary, and their design is nothing short of mesmerizing.
The plot is equally impressive. It starts out as the generic heist movie with good execution, but things start to go downhill as the group investigates the lower levels of the bank and its past. The story surprised me with how engaged I was and how interested I became in the past of the bank. I honestly hope to see a sequel because I believe this setup of a haunted bank and Franco could be a good late night series.
Overall, the story has a great trio of developed leads with an exceptional Franco joining. The villains are top-notch and the story is as creative a genre mix as they come. 7.8/10