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The Wailing Review

The Wailing Review:
Another brilliant South Korean horror film, The Wailing, is just one of the most inventive and horrifying film one can get in the exorcism subgenre.
First off, we have a phenomenal lead. The father or the policeman comes across at times as a foolish and relatable guy. He messes up a lot and is far from perfect, but he tries his best and want what’s best for his family.
Then he goes through a phenomenal transition. His development and organic transformation into a dedicated and murderous protector. You feel for him and understand his pain because we’ve slowly been becoming more attached to him over the course of two and a half hours.
The supporting cast is just as great. It’s a slew of complex and well-layered characters who have funny and horrifying interactions with each other. The plot stands up to the test to become an exceptionally well-written movie.
The story is just so inventive. On this scale and at this level, we really haven’t seen an exorcism movie like this. It’s paced slowly but is funny and engaging. The characters are just a blast and the cinematography is gorgeous. I will also add that there are some great twist. This movie had me shocked three times and it pulled a reverse twist on me that I loved and hated. Some might be angry at the ending of this film, but it was a testament to the father’s love for his daughter and I loved it.
Overall, the story takes the idea is an exorcism and wraps it in mystery, powerful drama, and electrifying scares. 9/10

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