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The Witch Review

The Witch Review:
One of the best horror films in recent memory, I think the Witch deserves every ounce of praise it got. It’s an absolutely original story wrapped together with complex and compelling characters.
Along for the ride are some truly horrific scary moments and also subtle, genius moments that if you blink you’ll miss. I also loved the build up and family interactions. The actors all do a phenomenally job and they feel like a genuine family. Watching them slowly fall apart was truly a pleasure. The chemistry and social interactions dives deep into our protagonists’ psychologies and shows us the best and worst aspects to the point where everyone is a fully realized and well-rounded character.
I have to say the witch was a fantastic villain. The mystery surrounding her and the few scenes we get here were absolutely terrifying.
Then there’s the plot. The story is a slow spiral into isolated madness that couldn’t have been done any better. The surrounding area sets off loads of atmosphere and the camera work puts you in the cabin with them. The story is a powerhouse to horror and cinema that will leave you speechless by the time the credits start to role.
Overall, the masterful direction and acting in The Witch combined with a story that reclaims the horrific nature of witches add up to a satisfyingly scary endeavor on the genre. 9/10

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