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Top 10 Halloween Movies to Binge Watch

So seeing it as it’s the Halloween season, I just wanted to take the time to give you my top 10 movies to binge watch in the couple days leading up to Halloween. It’s especially good to watch on a Halloween night if you just want to stay up until 5 or 6 AM to just hammer it out. I think I might do that. Who knows?
So let’s just jump into it. My number 10 movie to start off the list and is a very decisive entry but I know some are gonna hate me for it is Halloween 2007, the Rob Zombie remake.
Now, I have a love it, hate it relationship with this movie though I tend to lean towards the love it. I’m a pretty big Rob Zombie fan, but I do admit the flaw in this film. However, not going into review, just admitting why you should watch it. I think it has a great atmosphere, like there’s a lot of orange, there’s a lot of love for the original.
I see that this movie really gets me in the Halloween spirit and that I’ve watched it every year but I also know that Rob Zombie himself is a horror fan and he loves the holiday of Halloween and you really get some love for not just a franchise, but for the holiday in general in this movie.
And just watching this, you’re gonna get a lot of Jack-O-Lanterns, that classic Halloween theme. You’re gonna get just that Halloween vibe.
This movie makes Michael Myers probably the scariest he’s ever been. You get a really good reinterpretation of Laurie Strode as well as a love and hate thing of Doctor Loomis. I go back and forth on it.
But overall, it’s a good story that takes some really new ideas and interesting ones to Michael Myers. I think if you give it a chance, you’ll end up enjoying this and it will be a great kickstarter to your Halloween season.
Coming in at number nine is a Nightmare on Elm Street 3: the Dream Warriors. Now, Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is arguably the best in the series. I love number one but most people love number three. Why is that?
It’s an atmospheric, 80’s horror film that has Freddy Krueger at probably his best. You have Nancy and him, reuniting for one final showdown and it’s honestly just absolutely phenomenal. It has the atmosphere, the theme music, the one liners, just the horror vibe that really just emanates from the Halloween holiday. If you want a Nightmare on Elm Street film to watch during Halloween, this is it.
Coming in at number eight, a little outta left field here is the Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight. The first theatrical release for the Tales from the Crypt series, Demon Knight definitely has a lot of atmosphere and what I really want from Halloween movies is atmosphere.
I love that this movie has a lot of practical effects, it has a lot of, art pieces for backgrounds at times. It uses a one-set location, you get some claustrophobia.
I’m just a huge fan of Tales from the Crypt and watching this was 100% from beginning to end, was fun. I had a smile on my face. It was just amazing, I loved it. And if you watch this, you’re gonna get that obviously thick amount of atmosphere but you’re also just gonna have a lot of fun.
Coming in at my next next spot is The Conjuring. The Conjuring is just a great horror movie. It’s terrifying, it’s well-made, superbly acted, and it’s spawned probably one of the most lucrative, and if you don’t know what that means, it’s one of the most profitable horror franchises of all time.
They’ve only spent, like, I wanna say $50 million but maybe a hundred million dollars on the series as a whole and it’s made over a billion so this is obviously a great starter to a great franchise. Just forget about the first Annabelle, maybe the Nun. But yeah, this is a great movie and will definitely get you in that Halloween spirit because of just how terrifying all the spirits and witches are. You definitely won’t be looking at a dark corner the same after this movie.
Uh, coming in my next spot on the list, that would be this year’s 2018 Halloween. Now the reason this isn’t higher on the list is because it’s a new movie and I wanna give some love to some movies that have earned their place in history. But, Halloween 2018 just recaptures the Halloween-esque essence of the original. It’s a great film. Watch my review for it, I’m really not gonna go into it but point in fact is, you get everything you want in a Halloween movie. It puts you in that spirit and you get to see Michael Myers in probably his best form since the original.
The next spot goes to Saw. Now you’re probably thinking, why are you saying Saw? Why do you like Saw, Sam? Well, if you know me, I really don’t like the series. I think maybe the first one and maybe Jigsaw and the sixth one are decent films. I would say I go back and forth on six and Jigsaw is like a solid 6.5 out of 10 or whatever but I actually love the original.
I think, again, James Wan, director of the Conjuring, he creates a thick amount of atmosphere, he really harkens back to those 70’s and 80’s grindhouse horror films and the Saw was a yearly Halloween release every year for, like, 10 years or whatever and this is obviously a Halloween movie tradition-esque film.
And again you get all that gore porn that some people find as a guilty pleasure, including myself and this movie can be that fun movie you sit back and cringe watch with your friends or you cringe with yourself to see if you can make it through the whole thing. But point in fact is, the original Saw is a movie you will enjoy watching on Halloween.
Coming in next is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 probably won’t scare you all that much today but it’s just such a classic piece of cinema that no matter how old it gets, will always be an enjoyable watch with great centralized characters that are very much real. Like, you don’t feel like these are actors. They’re real people and you get attached to them, you die along. You find out their personality and watch them die one by one. It’s painful, you like them. But moreover, this is just that kind of movie, that classic slasher movie that just goes right along with the holiday so definitely give it a try.
Coming in at next on my list is my number three spot is Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about this because even the Halloween fan base has a more love and hate relationship with this movie but if more people came over to love it and if more people would just watch, I think they would’ve loved it too.
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is a very different film. It doesn’t have Michael Myers unlike every other entry in the series and it’s just a totally oddball film. It takes an insane idea of a guy  investigating the death of his patient and somehow there’s magic, Stonehenge, witches, warlocks, and killer masks but I also think this movie, again, has a thick amount of atmosphere and a great score. Tommy Lee Wallace is the director I’m pretty sure. He directed the 90’s IT miniseries. He did a great job. Tom Atkins also does some of his best work in this movie.
And I honestly think it’s a great counterpart in the Halloween series and could’ve been a great series all on its own. You’ll get some obviously since it’s very much figured around Halloween so it’s gonna put you in that Halloween mood but yeah, definitely give it a watch and I want more people to give this smaller film some love.
My number two spot is Trick or Treat. Trick or Treat is a modern cult classic, I would even go as far to say a modern horror classic. It kinda bombed in theaters but it’s become a huge cult hit on DVD. Everyone loves it, like, I have never seen a person who has seen this movie and hasn’t loved it. Obviously, it’s a horror anthology about the Halloween holidays and you get a lot of people consider a modern horror icon, Sam, that’s what they call him. He’s a burlap sack kid, orange suit. This movie has thick atmosphere. I know I use that a lot but all these movies are on my list because they have thick atmosphere.
This movie has insane amounts of just clever writing. It’s genuinely funny and has some amazing gore effects and I can say that because it’s a good movie. I’m not gonna compliment your effects and gore if you don’t have a good movie ’cause you need to have a strong base if you want icing on the cake. You can’t just have all icing. So yeah, I’ve given that speech before but Trick or Treat is just a very well-made film with great characters and it has very smart interwoven stories to the point where you probably gonna want to watch it again. I’ve watched this four years in a row when I discovered it and it’s a Halloween tradition for me to watch it. There’s really no better time to start than now.
And my number one spot goes to, unsurprisingly, Halloween 1978. The movie that started it all. The movie that started horror-themed holiday movies but that doesn’t matter since this movie jumpstarted Jamie Lee Curtis’ career. It started her career and it probably gave Donald Pleasence’s most iconic role.
Laurie Strode is one of the most iconic people and also one of the most iconic characters in cinema. Doctor Loomis is one of the most iconic characters in cinema and Michael Myers is arguably the most iconic slasher in cinema, next to Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface.
It’s a phenomenal film with great pacing, an amazing score, some moments that are actually still scary today as they were scary back then and a story that is so gripping and enthralling that 40 years later, you’re still invested and into it as you were 40 years later.
This movie is the epitome of Halloween horror movies. It’s literally Halloween and I honestly think there’s no other movie that even comes close to what you should watch on Halloween other than the original Halloween.
Now I hope you liked this video and if there’s anything you thought I left out or anything you didn’t agree with, please do comment below. I love a conversation, maybe I’ll respond to a couple but please do like this video and have a very happy Halloween everyone.

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