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Triangle Review

Triangle Review:
Tonight’s late night review is more proof that even a small budget can create genuine masterpieces in the horror genre.
A more complicated and smart horror film, Triangle genuinely surprised me. I went into this with some pretty high expectations and somehow the movie still managed to meet and surpass them.
First off, we have a great lead and a great story. Our lead is a horribly flawed but a well-developed character who is put through living hell. She’s confronted with an unimaginable situation and copes with it surprisingly realistically. In the first few repeats, she’s skeptical then the madness comes, and finally she becomes what we’ve been rooting for her to fight against.
That’s the genius of the story. It slowly allows the viewer to slip into the repetition and madness with the lead so we can understand and relate to her slipping into the brink. The whole slasher mixed with psychological suspense sounds like a hard mix, but with the time warped masterpiece it all comes together masterfully.
Then there’s the finale. It puts a nice bloody flair on top of this already mind-bending ride, but it keeps you thinking, rethinking, and rethinking about the film’s plot and past events long after the credits have rolled.
You’ll be pondering on what really happened days after you’ve seen the film. Overall, this movie combines slasher, smarts, and science fiction to become one of the best modern horror films. It’s brilliant lead and complex plot make for an engaging watch and unforgettable experience! 8.9/10