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V/H/S 2 Review

V/H/S 2 Review: This was a step in the right direction for the V/H/S series. The story taking place outside of the segments is similar to the first but has vastly better characters and a far more engaging story. It’s equally scary and intense and has a great atmosphere. The first segment was probably my least favorite and it borrows too much from the Tobe Hooper’s segment from Body Bags. However, it’s still well acted, scary, and enjoyable. The second segment is a brilliant tale on the Zombie genre that will have you hooked from start to finish. The third is a fascinating and creative look at cults that is full of scares and horrifying/tantalizing special effects. The fourth is by far my favorite. It’s the perfect blend of good characters, brutal scares, and aliens. The entire segment is just perfect in its extraterrestrial delivery. It will terrify you and have you smiling due to just how much fun you will have been scared. This movie is the perfect storm of passionate directors and competent pacing. It has its fair share of flaws in terms of putting its R-rating to the test for no other reason than to, but it’s a good horror anthology that surprisingly leaves you wanting more. Overall, the movie has only good segments that each bring a creative and fun idea to the table, with the actors and directors all doing a great job. 7/10

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