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V/H/S Viral Review

V/H/S Viral Review:
Garbage. This film is utter and pure garbage and has no reason to exist and tarnish everything I loved about the first two. This film is a bit of an anomaly seeing as it isn’t as well known as its two predecessors, and that’s a good thing.
V/H/S is a found footage horror anthology series, so imagine my shock when they drop the found footage premise. It switches back and forth between found footage and regular shots, and this feels really weird.
Then there’s the segments themselves. The story going on outside the segments has nothing to do with the random stories being told, and is a stupid random unfolding of events that are never explained—they’re there for gore.
In fact, the first segment is plain stupid. It ditched the horror aspect almost completely to tell a horribly executed and totally unwatchable magic segment. The effects are horrible, the actors are atrocious, and the dialogue would be laughable if you didn’t know they were actually trying.
The second shows promise but quickly wastes it on gore and a crappy ending that leaves you wanting. The third is utter stupidity. It showcases horrible leads that are 100% unlikable, that have nothing but the horrible dialogue in a story that couldn’t be dumber. The entire hang felt like a punk video game, only a third grader would play, which makes me hate every second of this movie.
It disregards the serious and mesmerizing tone of the first two, and it instead takes the route of dumb fun minus the fun. The segments make no sense at times, the characters all suck, and there wasn’t one good actor in this movie. It’s a horrible way to finish this trilogy when there was so much potential and honestly, I want this series to die.
V/H/S 1 and 2 promised a refreshing and enjoyable new horror series, but Viral shows us that only uninspired and unimaginative installments lay ahead. Unless the people behind this put forth the actual effort, real effort with real actors and a real story, then I want the V/H/S series to go the way of the V/H/S.
Overall, the movie is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen and is the first movie I’ve ever given a 0, it’s the lowest rated film I’ve ever reviewed. 0/10

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