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Victor Crowley Review

As the secret fourth installment in the Hatchet series, saying that I was hyped for this film is an understatement.
I have a lot to say about it so let’s get the positives out of the way. First up are the characters. We get a new slew of victims set up with likable personalities and rootable motivations. You care about these people and for some, you genuinely want to see them survive. The great chemistry and witty dialogue make for some truly memorable side characters.
Our lead is probably one of my favorite things about the film. Parry Shen was always a favorite of mine in 1, 2, and 3. He takes center stage and is truly a different hero. His motivations and personality are more selfish, but he’s still a heroic and relatable lead.
Kane is back and better than ever as Crowley. This is a darker installment, like the third series since it showcases how ruthless and brutal Victor can be. Kane goes full throttle and generates some genuine scares. But for me, Victor Crowley is the scariest of the series.
Thankfully, the story is a satisfying return for the horror icon with enough scares, originality, familiarity, and ability to keep the audience guessing on who will survive. From start to finish you’ll be smiling and jumping.
Now my problems. Essentially, VC and Adam Green reckon and ruin the perfect ending that is Hatchet III. They reverse everything so epically and satisfyingly in the end of the series. Hatchet III is probably the best ending to any slasher series I know and VC satisfies as a return but it doesn’t justify its own existence.
This movie doesn’t convince me that we need to continue the series after it ended on such a high mark. Especially since Hatchet 5 is being set up as a repeat of three or two.
Overall, Victor Crowley is a surprisingly scary and effective slasher film that is truly a highlight for the genre and series. However, it isn’t able to justify its own existence and is more of just another quality sequel than the revamp we deserved. 7.4/10