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Waxwork Review


Waxwork Review:
Tonight’s late night review is for a personal favorite movie. This is probably one of the most underrated horror movies of all time. The 1988 forgotten horror film has resurfaced recently thanks to the Vestron re-release series and I want to take this opportunity to bring awareness to it’s lesser known glory.
First off, we have a stellar cast. Zach Galligan and Debrah Foreman are a great set of leads that perfectly channel the movie’s goofy darkness into protagonists we can follow. The villain, however, is where the movie truly shines. David Warner is spectacular as the villain and will dazzle you, humor you, and leave an unforgettable impression. He is the essence of Waxwork itself.
The plot may be off at times, but holds steady overall. The script is full of practical effects, inventive stories, and a great sense of dark humor. The movie always kept my attention because it was never afraid to be different and wacky at the same time. Today, a movie with an oddball theme isn’t all that unusual, but in ‘88 that was a very small club.
Its bizarre sense of fun stands out, and I have to give credit to everyone involved in this outstandingly fun film. Overall, it’s a great 80’s horror film filled to the brim with great practical effects, characters, and a wild wacky tone that makes it stand out in the crowd almost thirty years later. 7.1/10

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