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Let me say something. Horror is not a “male dominated” genre. In fact horror has been a pioneering genre for women in cinematic history since its earliest roots. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, The Exorcist, The Conjuring, Hatchet, and if your looking for women behind the camera look at Blood Diner. Now with that out of the way let’s get to the review.
The acting in this film is all solid. There are no performances that will blow you away but there’s not one weak actor in this film. Now the plot is what everyone comes for. The first take is creative and alluring but overall leaves many questions unanswered. It pulled me out of the movie when I was busy thinking about scenes and questions the segment never bothered to answer.
The second segment is kinda boring and has nothing to do with horror. The ending is hilarious so I’ll let that slide. The third is far too short because it’s both creative and terrifying. The effects are great, the actors are great, and it genuinely scares me.
The the fourth and final segment is my favorite. It’s a sequel to Rosemary’s Baby. It threw me off guard because it’s not subtle about the fact that these are the characters from the classic original grown up 28 years later. It was scary, fun, and as a horror fan, nice to see a movie do something so out of the box.
Overall, this movie did disappoint with some segments by bringing up questions that they don’t answer, sole segments that are uninteresting. Some were good though but overall there are only two good stories out of four.
I’m a huge fan of horror anthology and was genuinely hyped for this, but I can’t recommend this to anyone who wants a fun horror night. Watch Hatchet or Green Room if you want a strong female lead or if you want a woman to be directing the film, give Blood Diner a chance. God knows it deserves a bigger audience. 2.5 or 3/5 Stars.

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