3 Ways to Stay Connected to God

In recent times, it has become harder to stay connected to faith and God. With a lot of tragedy and harrowing events, life has become harder to handle. Through all of this, though, it is time now more than ever to stay connected with God and the faith. There are many easy ways, such as those recommended by Father George Rutler, that will allow one to stay close with their faith in times of need.

1. Praying

The most important task as a practicing Christian or Catholic is to pray. Praying is the act of speaking to God, tuning Him in and remaining connected to the religion. This is something that can be done anywhere at any time, allowing one to stay connected even if they don’t feel comfortable attending church during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it be affirmations, praises, or recited prayers, praying to God will allow a bonded feeling and a feeling of protection and light, even when nothing else is available.

Prayer also doesn’t need to take up much time, as it can be done in a short moment of need, or longer, like before bedtime or before meals. Either way, speaking with God will strengthen connection and allow one to feel as if they are being watched over.

2. Going to Church

Through this time, there are still opportunities to attend church and feel closer to God in that way. Some churches are open in limited capacities, allowing people to come in and sit far away from each other. In this way, people are still able to receive the body and blood of Christ, connecting them to the faith and allowing them to still practice during the pandemic.

If one is not comfortable going into mass, there is an option to log in and watch livestreams or recordings of the daily services. This provides a way to still keep in touch with the teachings and practices of the week, all while staying safe at home.

3. Trying to Avoid Committing Sin

Something that is learned in the very beginning of any religious education is that one must avoid sin in order to be properly devoted to God. In short, not committing sins means properly following the Ten Commandments, as well as being an overall good and moral person. In this case, it may also be necessary to continue attending mass in whichever way one chooses.

Since confession has become less accessible, Father George Rutler believes it is important to stay on top of a holy, good, and moral lifestyle that will not lead anyone to sin. Be nice to others, cause no harm, and provide help to everyone, avoiding committing sins and needing to attend confession.

Staying Connected to God is Easier than Expected

Even coming upon hard times, it is easier than expected to stay close and connected to God. Using simple tasks, such as praying, going to church, and refraining from committing sins is just the beginning, but they can provide an easier way to feel connected to one’s faith.