Car Accident in LOS ANGELES California

While discussing road accidents we know that these accidents have been and will remain to be one of the greatest cause of health hazards. We can easily view a large number of deaths and injuries occurred due to these road accidents. Some of the worst car accidents involve a car accident attorney in Los Angeles. There are many causes of these accidents but if I talk about my view then I think the most important reason for these accidents is the irresponsibility of the drivers or the fast speed vehicles. Another condition can be the poor structure of roads that causes accidents.

Los Angeles is the short name of the City of Los Angeles. It is the city having many places to visit for fun, hangouts with family, historical places etc.  Its most populous city is California having many beautiful places to visit. The city has grid style of pattern and many of its major streets are designed in such a way that large vehicles can easily pass through them. We also went Los Angeles to spend our holidays over there as it is one of the beautiful places one can go to spent vacations. We had a chance to spent time in California. It was the beautiful place full of enjoyment having famous learning institutes, the valley of music and art, Landmarks, Theater, and museum. As we were enjoying the beautiful places we suddenly saw an accident of a car with a huge bus. Los Angeles is famous as a rush place in working hours so there must be some high traffic rules to stay away from such accidents.

Driving Fast

The car driver was driving very fastly on a quiet residential street when the car plowed into a bus which was standing for picking up the people from that street. The car was actually gone in the wrong position due to its high speed. It seems like if its breaks were failed. Just 5 minutes before another horrifying incident happened in the same place and again this happens. The car was totally spinning all around. All the travelers stop to see this terrible happening. I myself thought that everyone in the car might be dead but it was wrong as two were badly injured and one person was totally safe. Suddenly the first siren of hospital van sounded. I was in a hurry so I can’t remember exactly that how many travelers were injured who were sitting on the bus.

Police of California

Lost in the oblivious haze of youth, I was certain, like millions of youngsters and other travelers before me, that nothing would ever touch us there but I do report the police to reach the situation as I thought there might be some fight occurring between the drivers related to their bad driving so the police can easily handle the both parties.

I myself know that no one is at their best after a car accident. You will be expected to be shaken up and also you are not in a position to judge that who is right and who is wrong so to get involved in such condition might be a risk so it’s very easy to inform the police to handle the situation. In California, I saw that their police have an excellent experience in spotting potential issues and can be of help. They will also deal easily with the third party for you which results in relieve a lot of stress.

The police came there in no time and filled the report. As sometimes you can have peculiar and hidden injuries that only show up after a day, so if you didn’t file a police report then there will be no record of injuries in the incident and it might make things tougher for you in the long run.

Law in California for Accidents

Principally the law of every nation says that you must stop whether the accident involves a pedestrian or a moving car or some other situation. If you are not obeying the traffic rules you will be charged a fine which you have to pay so that next time you will drive according to the rules. This is basically a punishment for travelers to keep them away from such life taking accidents. The fine for hitting and then running away is very high and it depends on the damage and injuries caused by you. A driver must have a license and if it is traveling without a license then you will be charged fine and traffic police will not allow you to move further.

The law of California necessitates you to give a sensible aid to anyone who is injured so that he or she might be saved. You can call on helpline as early as you can so that the police will reach there and save more lives. I also did the same as I saw many injuries on the spot. It was a very horrible situation. Me and my family get shocked after watching all this and all of our happiness goes away. We talked about the situation all day and prayed that there must not be any death casualty.

The car was totally ruined and was in a very bad condition like it was never be changed to a working vehicle. It’s bumper and bonnet was opened all around and the engine starts burning. All the people there gather and take out the travelers out from the car to save them from sudden fire burst. Hospital vans came there to help the injured people for quick aid and take them to the nearest hospital. Many of the victims worked with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to make sense of the chaos.

Like sports, beautiful weather, Sceneries etc California is also known to be best in its law for such road accidents. It has a system of claiming for insurance that reduces the liability of drivers. The damages occurred by such accidents are categorized as economic damages in California. There is also another exceptional limit in California for these car accidents involving a driver with no insurance of fiscal responsibility. Also, for the drivers who are seriously injured and need a lot of work to cover their expenses can claim for a free evaluation to get rid of their expense. California seems good for its people to have a better life and its basic needs.

For Safety

To save from such accidents headlights should be used at night so that you will be able to see the road and the other vehicles around you. The signboards are placed all over the roads for safety purposes so you should obey them and also concentrate on your driving rather than talk on a mobile phone as it is the most happening cause of accidents.

Patience while driving also plays the major role in prevention road accidents and driving faster can cause a disaster so to stay away from such horrible accidents you must drive slow and according to the speed limits written on every road. You can drive less but do drive smartly so that you will not be a cause of any accident like the accident I saw in California. After that, I never drive again in any other city as I got so upset and even we didn’t fully enjoy after that as we always remember that accident and also talk about it many times. To obey the rules is a very important factor for every field of life and it can make your life much easy and beautiful.