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How Diamond Jewelry is Rocking The Hollywood Red Carpet

Diamonds are always seen on the Hollywood Red Carpet and have been a tradition throughout the decades. The custom of wearing these precious stones fills the pages of fashion magazines and celebrity news websites.
The presence of designer diamond watches, earrings, and necklaces on a personality during the Emmys or Oscar’s is not unintentional. The diamonds you always see on these events are the outcome of months of preparation, negotiation, and careful selection.
A battalion of designers, publicists, and assistants are involved in the process. Hollywood Red Carpet events are a business. The diamonds being used on the red carpet are highly desired marketing tools for the most glamorous brands in the world.
Desire For Diamonds
Behind the gossip loaded newspapers about who wore the best outfits on the red carpet, there is typically a motivator at work. Red carpet events are both poignant and aspirational. Most of us look at celebrities and admire them for the fashion they wear and the jewelry they display. Many wish they could mimic the styles they see.
They want to “shine bright like a diamond” and feel as luxurious as the celebrities do. Although many of the pieces worn on the Red Carpet are too extravagant and priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are inexpensive options that can fit into most budgets.
Marketing Of Jewelry On The Red Carpet
Events on the Red Carpet are a critical business and marketing opportunity for designers of jewelry. When a Hollywood celebrity picks a specific piece of jewelry, it is an irreplaceable marketing advantage for the brand and the designer.
If the buyer is a huge personality, like so many actors, directors, and producers, hundreds of brands will go into a frenzy trying to get their jewelry collections on the limelight. An appearance on one of Hollywood’s Red Carpet events such as the Oscars, the most desired event for jewelers, can provide unmatched publicity and exposure. However, getting chosen is not as simple as a celebrity going to a store and shopping around.
Months before the occasion, most jewelry designers will already be in negotiation with a superstar’s stylist. They will be trying to pair their jewelry collections to the superstar’s outfit and preference. The diamonds will be transported to the star’s hotel room or house. And then the waiting game begins.
Will they finally pick my piece over the others? Will it perfectly match their dress? It is a massively competitive operation which involves a lot of prayers and luck. However, it is also the irrefutable efforts and results of establishing relationships between the celebrities, designers, and jewelers.
The Key To Success
For extravagant diamond jewelry designers, the Red Carpet is a fundamental factor in the image of their brand. Just like Messika, the French jeweler who captured the heart of Beyonce; the jewelry company presented the celebrity with a “Double Glamazon” diamond ring and on the very next day, the singer uploaded an image of it on her social media sites. From that instant of massive publicity, the existence of the company completely changed. The said company has since supplied multiple celebrities for many Red Carpet events.
Even so, there is no marketing strategy better than a Red Carpet event for jewelers to use to increase their sales. Diamond jewelry stylists admit that these award shows and other events help them combine brand exposure, promoting brand recognition, and developing brand aspiration. This is what they believe will make them the success story they are seeking, all thanks to Hollywood’s coveted Red Carpet.

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