How to be an Effective Leader

Good leaders usually enhance their talents and strengths, come up with a committed team and achieve a common goal. To be a good leader is also not easy and requires one to be committed, courageous, and guide his or her members on what to do or follow. Also, one must ensure that he/she lifts the members who maybe have been left behind to move forward as a team. With this, you will move faster as a team, go far, and achieve greater things together.

Shalom Lamm advises people on becoming good leaders and tells people that it is important to know what being a leader entails. According to him, being a leader requires a lot of knowledge and. Experience means a good leader must have been exposed to leadership skills before for him or her to lead people effectively. The administration is always the foundation of good leadership, and therefore one should build a strong foundation for his or her team.

Importance of Being a Leader

Leadership always forms an important part of any management or organization, and it helps to increase efficiency for the organization to achieve its goals. Here are some of the importance of being a leader:

Creating Confidence

As a successful entrepreneur, Shalom Lamm can agree that confidence is a very important virtue and can be achieved through assigning duties to the team and showing them the correct direction. A leader is supposed to explain their roles and responsibilities to the teams and guide them to effectively achieve their goals. A leader is also supposed to hear out the cry and complaints of the team members. Through doing all these, also help one as a leader to build his or her confidence.


By assigning individual interests with the goals of the organization, one can achieve coordination. A leader’s major motive is to achieve effective and proper coordination within his team, which will enable one to have coordination skills.

Builds Work Environment

Getting things done by people is one of the important parts of management. Creating an efficient and good working environment helps to bring stable growth to an organization. Therefore as a good leader, one should ensure he or she has direct contact with the employees and help them solve their problems.

Share Their Vision

A good leader should always clearly indicate where he or she wants to go and what to use to reach there. Therefore one should ensure that the team members understand how their efforts will contribute to achieving greater goals.

Lead By Example

The only way a leader can gain respect from their members is by setting the right example. This means that one should always demonstrate the behaviour they want their members to follow.

Communicate Effectively

An effective leader should always be able to provide effective communication to their members, which is one of the crucial leadership skills. One should also be in a position to share valuable information and also come up with new ideas.

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