How to be Environmentally Conscious During a Pandemic

Covid-19 has unquestionably arrived with a vengeance. It has affected life as it was known to hundreds of thousands of Americans and others across the globe.

Daily tasks and responsibilities have become less frequent. The hustle and rushing to and fro despite the mode of transportation came to an abrupt halt. Freeways, highways, and many local traffic-congested areas suddenly seemed like ghost towns.

With preparations immediately required for every household at the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hoarding and over-purchasing began. Daily living essentials are continuously depleted from almost every major retail store’s shelves as well as locally owned convenience stores. Purchasing more than a family usually consumes, unfortunately, becomes waste.

The concern now affected many around the world of the ever-spreading coronavirus. People remained reluctant to step foot outside the safety of their homes. Yet the obligation to stock up their pantries had to be executed. Despite the panic and fear, however, an extraordinary environmental change occurred.

The thick and repugnant smog that hovered over most of our nation’s busiest cities had almost completely dissipated. As Dr. Chanoch Harow, one of South Florida’s top Emergency Medicine Physicians, reveals, “It is now evident that there can be an environmental difference as many continue to be environmentally conscious and work collectively.”

Serving in the medical field, Dr. Harow offers extensive expertise to provide patients with information to commence a journey of health and mental wellness. Dr. Harow extends the awareness plus the importance of embracing recent and unexpected lifestyle changes.

Environmental consciousness allows us to be cognizant of the world and the people in it. With the pandemic at its peak, people across the nation have ventured into gardening to supply their families with fruits, vegetables, and more because of the lack of the supply not meeting the demand. Many American’s, including Dr. Cory Harow, has developed a green thumb to be able to provide for their families through gardening. Also, some have discovered the means of composting to alleviate unnecessary waste.

Dr. Harow states, “When the realization of the effects of fewer vehicles out on the roads emitting pollution, recycling items that can be reused and repurposed in the future, and composting scraps to lessen the methane gas being released into our environment, it is then that we will come to understand what it implies to be environmentally conscious.”

Furthermore, Dr. Harow utilizes recycle bins to place glass, plastic, etc in their appropriate container. “Living environmentally conscious does not require significant effort simply to consider the reuse of an item.”

With all of the recent unfortunate changes, Dr. Harow reminds us to “examine the fortunate future we will all be able to appreciate as we continue to contribute and exercise the healthy modifications executed within the last year. Remaining environmentally conscious does not have to be complicated. So take in a fresh breath of air and appreciate the collective work which proves to be successful while admiring the newfound difference.”

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