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The Importance of Easter

We sat down for an interview with Father George Rutler to discuss the importance of Easter to Christians. He stated that for Christians, Easter is regarded as being the most important celebration that they partake in. This is because the day symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus Christ in itself is important, because without the resurrection of Jesus, Christianity would have no foundation. In fact, the resurrection of Christ is the entire crux of the Christian religion. This is because his resurrection confirmed that God is real.

Prophecy Fulfilled

Modern day people who practice Christianity firmly believe that the death and resurrection of Christ had a tremendous impact on history and changed the concept of the supernatural realm or into words, it confirmed that it existed. Even though Christians are diverse in ways in which they worship God, such as the difference between a protestant and a catholic, the one thing they agree on is that since Jesus willingly allowed himself to be put on the cross, and subsequently rose from the dead, it proved that God existed because it was prophesied in scriptures that the “Son of God’ would come to earth to help people who would turn around and kill him, as to which he would rise from the dead.

Many historians have also stated that Jesus’s resurrection is ultimately what caused Christianity to explode. Historical scholar bishop N.T. Wright explained that upon looking at the religion of Christianity from a historical context, no other event can explain the baffling and sudden growth of Christianity, despite the fact that the religion faced stiff opposition from the Jewish and Roman people.

Another reason why Christians regard this as being the most important day is that it provided certainty. In fact, many could argue that the church itself did not create resurrection accounts, it was a resurrection account that created the church. Many Christians view the resurrection of Christ as a sign that God is able to forgive us for our sins and that if people were to repent their sins and serve under God, just like Jesus, they too could be risen from the dead and experience everlasting life in heaven. In a world that was filled with suffering and pain, the resurrection of Christ symbolized hope that humans could conquer death, by repenting their sins and believing in the resurrection of Christ.

Jesus’s resurrection also serves as a story as to why Christians should remain humble. Despite the fact that Jesus was the Son of God, who possessed abilities that no other human being possessed, he allowed himself to be beaten and crucified. As opposed to using his abilities for help, he proclaimed that he would allow himself to die, so that whoever believes in him, would be able to get access to the kingdom of God. From a modern day context, Christians look at how humble Jesus was as he was being crucified and uses this example as a reason why they should practice humility in their own lives.

Father Rutler explains that it’s easy to get lost in the vices of this world when it comes to Christian based holidays. However, he encourages believers to evaluate the historical context of Christian based holidays, so that they can develop a closer relationship with God. While it may be true that Christmas, which symbolizes the birth of Jesus, was an important date, the birth of Christ did not lead to the creation of Christianity, it was his resurrection that served as the foundation for Christianity which is the number one reason why Easter is the most important celebration in this religion.