This Man Was Never Convicted Of Murder, But That Doesn't Mean He Didn't Kill Anyone

If you asked me who I considered to be the most twisted individual ever, my answer would definitely be David Parker Ray.

Also known as the Toy-Box Killer, this man kidnapped innocent women and brought them to his New Mexico home, where he would rape and torture them in a truck trailer that he had turned into his own torture chamber.

Though he was never convicted of murdering any of these women, police believe that he has killed as many as 60 people from Arizona to New Mexico.

As a teenager, Ray’s dark side began to show when his sister found his sadomasochistic drawings and photos of bondage acts. He had sexual fantasies of raping, torturing, and killing women even then.


After he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, he took disturbing steps to bring his fantasies to life. He spent $100,000 creating his own personal torture chamber out of an old truck trailer and called it his “toy box.”


He filled it with torture devices like whips, chains, pulleys, straps, clamps, leg spreader bars, surgical blades, and saws, all of which he disgustingly called his “friends.”


The number of women he kidnapped isn’t known for sure, but he is believed to have killed anywhere from 14 to 60 of them between the 1950s and 1999. After abducting them, he would bring them into the box, where he played terrifying audio tapes about what he would do to them as they regained consciousness.


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Once they were awake, he would strap them to a gynecologist table and rape and torture them. If that isn’t horrific enough, he had a mirror mounted to the ceiling because he wanted his victims to see everything he was doing to them.


But Ray didn’t act alone. He included several men, a few women he dated, and even his own daughter. One of his accomplices, Dennis Yancy, strangled a woman to death after Ray had tortured her and was later convicted of murder. Ray also allegedly murdered a man named Billy Bowers, who was another one of his accomplices.


He was finally put to a stop when Cynthia Vigil, one of his victims, escaped in March 1999 after enduring three days of his torture. When Ray went to work, one of his accomplices, Cindy Hendy, left the keys to Vigil’s chains on a nearby table.


Vigil managed to grab the keys, but Hendy noticed and attacked her with a lamp. Vigil finally unlocked herself after stabbing Hendy with an icepick. She ran into the streets, naked except for an iron slave collar and her chains.

After the police became involved and arrested Ray, another woman named Angelica Montano came forward and told them that she was a victim of his as well. A video had also been discovered of another victim, Kelly Garrett. Fortunately, police later found her alive in Colorado.


Ray drugged the women he kidnapped with sodium pentothal and phenobarbital to make them forget their experiences, so it makes sense that most didn’t report his crimes.

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For the kidnappings and tortures of Vigil, Montano, and Garrett, Ray was sentenced to 224 years in prison, but he died of a heart attack in 2002. Hendy was sentenced to 36 years for her role in his crimes.

No bodies or other evidence of murder have ever been found on his property, but it is very likely that he killed many of the women he kidnapped.

I’m eternally grateful that this sick man is no longer among the living.

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