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Tips on How to Triumph in the Escape Room Challenges in Tallinn

One of the most interesting things you can do in Tallinn are Escape room experiences.  Escape rooms are a great and fun experience, and if you haven’t tried it so far, you should definitely go for it. They can be a great activity to spend time with your friends, they are awesome team building exercises, and they are the closest thing to the real life point-and-click adventure that we’ll ever get.

Also if you are visiting Estonia it is one thing you should definitely do while you are staying here. It takes an amazing amount of creativity to design one of these experiences and the creators deserve to be praised.

So, if you are interested in having a good time here, make sure you check what escape rooms in Tallinn have to offer. If this is your first time attempting an escape room, it would be good to try out something a bit less complicated, triumph, and seek an even greater challenge after that. Just so you do not get caught off guard, here are some tips that will help you win on your first try.  

Invite less people than maximum team size

Every escape room is built for a  certain number of people (3-4, or 4-7, or 6-9 etc.). It would be wise not to go above the minimum limit, because it makes it harder for people to organize, and there is a chance you will get in each other’s way as you try to participate. So, if 4 of you are going, for example, to not pick the room where 4 is a maximum number of people, go for the one where 4 is the minimal number.  

Do not panic

Once the whole things starts, the timer will appear and start the countdown. It is crucial that you do not panic, and start to do things in a haste. The timer is well calculated so that you can calmly solve each puzzle and have enough time to think about it. If you start running around and examining everything that you deem as a clue, it will actually hinder your progress.

Work together

The whole point of this experience is to collaborate and not to prove that you are the best at solving puzzles. It is better to divide tasks and make sure everyone pays close attention to their part of the room, so that when you find clues, the person who was in the part of the room which the clue alludes to can easily uncover the secret. Also, when you find something, yell so that other teammates know that part is solved and that they don’t have to waste their time with it.  

Admit if you are bad at something

If you don’t want to waste time, then tell everyone upfront if you are bad at the task that lies ahead, and ask to switch with someone. This way, you increase the chances of solving the puzzles faster. Some puzzles require precision and steady hands, others require attention to detail, some might need outside-the-box thinking etc. So, steer clear of the things you take longer to solve and focus on what you’re good at; it is why the course was built this way, so that everyone’s strengths can come to light.

Don’t stand idly but don’t get in the way either

You might find yourself stuck at a certain puzzle and two people are trying to solve it, or are looking for another clue etc. This is why it is better not to get too crowded, because you will do more harm than good, if you try to work on the same thing together. If someone is trying to solve something, observe other features of the room or try to find other elements that will be introduced at some point, this is the best way to save time and help the group.

Organize your items

Pay attention to the instructions at the beginning, because they will tell you which items will not be used more than once throughout the experience, like keys for example. So make a discard pile and throw everything that won’t be used anymore there. This way, those things will not interfere or confuse you. Also, if the item might have more uses in the future always keep it nearby to help you, and to avoid wasting time trying to remember where you tossed it.

Ask for hints and listen closely

Lastly, you will have a walkie-talkie over which you are going to receive hints, so make sure you pay attention. There is no reason to feel bad or to feel like you are losing because you are receiving hints, since it is how the designers intended it to be.

There is a time limit for each room experience, and even though you would eventually complete the whole thing on your own, the timer makes it impossible to play without the hints. So, keep it close by and do not think for a second that you won’t need it, because the room is filled with all sorts of things and you have no idea what is a clue or a piece of a puzzle, and what is not.

Hopefully, this article will help you with your first escape room experience. You are definitely going to love it, and you are certainly going to wish for more. So, pick something fun and not too easy and follow the tips provided above.  

  • Thanks for these tips for escape rooms. It’s good to know that you shouldn’t panic and to not run around and look at everything you think could be a clue. It definitely sounds like it could be beneficial to make sure that you have a level head in these experiences.

  • Our kids are suggesting that we experience escape rooms for an adventure of entertainment. We’ll consider your tip on working together since the whole point of the game is all about collaboration. My husband and I will consider your suggestion to divide the tasks and to do teamwork for a fun experience!