Use Helical Piers For Foundation Repair

Facing a problem related to the foundation damage or altered foundation can be quite a scare for any house owner. There is a lot that goes into the repair part of this process, namely the high cost for foundation repair, the labor costs, and then the anxiety doubled on top of that is all that contributes to the hassle borne by a homeowner. Moreover, even after bearing so much anxiety and cost, there is still a horror of whether your family security is ensured or not or whether the structure is now safe and reliable or not. If these things are left unrepaired or are repaired in mot the right manner, then it means that ultimately you will end up losing your house.

 Hence, if you are starting to notice even the minor of the cracks in your house and the foundation, then you should right away take the appropriate steps and take action to repair it in a durable manner. Instant action is required for it because the longer you wait, the more the cracks are going to increase, and the more the damage will become so every passing day will be simply increasing your cost. Luckily, Helical piers from Piertech has various solutions present with them for you to save from all the distress and the costs that you will be bearing and will give you a permanent solution for all the problems that you are facing so that you can live in your house without any worries.

Advantages of using Helical Piers over other foundation solutions

Over time, after research and experience, it has been concluded that piers are considered to be the best option to go for when looking for a foundation solution and this was concluded due to many reasons. The drilled and hand-dug concrete piers can although do the job as same as that of these piers however it is an extremely cumbersome task to install them. Their installation process can take up to many days and the mess that will be made during the installation process is another problem in itself. Moreover, you will have to employ a number of workers for the task which is just going to add to your overall cost.

Driven piles can also do the job right but the limitation of that is existing buildings are extremely sensitive to work on and give little place for accessing the foundation hence it becomes difficult for the installer to install these piers in the correct manner.

Due to this ineffectiveness of other alternatives, this is where helical piers come in because e they are super cost-friendly and require little to no concrete interference in the installation process. Moreover, due to ease of use, these piers can be installed where there is limited access as well and will give instant results and these results will be permanent and everlasting.

The Right Place and the Right Product

Due to the comprehensive and authentic certification process of PierTech, they have been able to establish a chain and network with contractors, in all of the US and Canada, that are highly professional, competent, and reliable people in their field. No matter where the customer may be located and needing help, this company will provide a local workers to help you with the problem you have and proper diagnosis will be run to provide the most adequate and accurate solution to you. Our super competent and professional contractors will help you with any of the foundation problems you have as they have their expertise covering all the fields like fixing any foundation crack to fixing any concrete system that you might have in your house.

Helical piers and piles provide a more reliable and perfect solution to save and secure the foundation of your house. They do so by drilling deep into the ground to find the layer that holds the load of your structure the best and in a stable way. This helps them to ensure that the foundation they are putting in will help to stabilize your house and prevent any damage even if the upper layer of soils changes its movements.

Choose from the two different types of helical piers

Piertech being the leading manufacturer of helical piers and piles offers two different type of piers which have their own advantages in certain situations.

The assurity of material is guaranteed with the use of quality steel. The piertech piers have better lateral strength and torque capacity than others in the business. With the option of galvanized or steel piers, you can choose either the square or round shafts.

The round shaft piers

In situations where compression is the main role, the round shaft piers provide a lot of advantages over the regular  square shaft piers.

These advantages include having a greater section modulus power that is a lot more resistant against twisting and molding. Not only this, but you’ll also get a lot more weight capacity along with lateral stability. 

The round shaft become more appealing since they’re easy to install anytime of the year. Another benefit of round shaft piers is they work with all types of soils.

Square shaft piers

If the main course of action is tension, then you’d probably be better of the square shaft piers. These have their own set of advantages over the usual square shaft anchors.

To discuss some of these advantages, square shaft piers offer greater tensile power and are more secure in terms of security. 

Like the round shaft piers, the square shaft piers also have a greater torque capacity and they work well with all soil types. With easy installation, these piers can be fitted in any season.

Reasons to choose piertech 

With the use of patented and ICC certified products, you were already getting a fair deal. But because customer satisfaction is key, you can save up to 55 percent in labor.

This also indicates at the exceptional customer service that Piertech provides to its valuable customers. The order will reach you on time and will be installed seamlessly to avoid future mishaps.