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Email marketing is the very effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. It’s the most direct and effective method of connecting along with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers, consistently winning out over all different marketing channels.

The goal of email marketing is to persuade the recipient to click or create purchases directly from that email. Many on-line businesses rely on email marketing, that is the act of sending promotional materials through email.

Email marketing helps you connect together with your audience to promote your product and increase sales. You can do plenty of things with emails, like sell product, share some news, or tell a story.

There are several reasons you should create email marketing one of your high priorities, however here are the top 3:

1. Email is the best communication channel

Did you know that a minimum of 99% of customers check their email on a daily basis? That can not be said of any other communication channel.

2. You own your email list

On any social media platform, your account might be suspended or deleted at any time without warning. However, you own your email list. Nobody will take those leads away from you.

3. Email converts better

People who purchase product marketed through email pay 138% more than people who don’t receive email offers. In fact, email marketing has an ROI (Return on Investment) of 4400%. And if you’re wondering if social media converts even higher, think again: the typical order price of an email is a minimum 3 times higher than that of social media.

If you’ve got chosen email marketing to promote your company or your product, the most effective way is to contact one among many email marketing companiies. Email marketing companies help small, medium and larges businesses connect on-line with existing customers to push the sale of products and services.

Here is the list of best email marketing companies that will help promote your business:


Encircl is a marketing service provider for business and enterprises placed in California. the basis of their services is their innovative approach. Moreover, a dedicated account management strategy allows their business delivery process.

MarketJoy, Inc.

MarketJoy, Inc. is a B2B sales development firm from Pennsylvania. They supply lead generation, demand generation, marketing research, and list building permitting corporations to grow their pipeline and get their sales team selling. They additionally manage leads and monitor a company’s sales progress.


GobySavvy, located in Washington, as an agency focuses on helping business grow by increasing their marketing return on investment. They are doing this by improving their conversions and client engagement, reducing user churn, and refining their brand based on varied insights.


Beyond is a world design and technology concepts company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Mountain View, and Austin. They help driven businesses produce value by providing strategy and design-based and technology-based digital products.

Local Dudes Marketing

Local Dudes Marketing is San Diego Email Marketing Company with highly-professional services designed specifically for small businesses. They help businesses build closer relationships with their customers by designing and developing beautiful and useful digital products.

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