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Let’s face it. We all want to be successful. We chase the “carrot” and sometimes get successes that make us chase it even more. We are addicted to the journey. There is no better reason than that needed for this post. Here are great business blogs to follow.

We went through and made simple links with a brief description. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Please add to the list!

Here are a few questions asked frequently about business blogs:

  1. Why Are Business Blogs Important?

    Business blogs help a business owner, content marketing officer, or employees of the business share information. This may be resources for its clients or stories that build a brand. Stories are the foundation of any great business. That means that the business needs multiple ways to tell its story. You also can gain exposure for your brand through the blog.

    It just makes sense to drastically increase the points of contact your business can have with clients, prospects, and employees. That can all come from a well laid out business blog. Whether you “micro” blog or you do long-form blogging, communicating with your readers is the core reason for having a business blog.

  2. What Are Business Blogs?

    You are reading one right now. A business blog is a series of articles that are on the businesses website. A business blog can also be a blog written about business. Business has many different steps needed to be taken so there are a lot of different blogs out there covering all the subjects. From Accounting to Marketing, there are blogs for all of it. The further you get into a subject the deeper of a dive you can make. You can find small forums like subreddits where other members will answer questions for you.

  3. Business Blogs Vs. Facebook?

    While notes is an option on Facebook… You should blog on WordPress or something built for blogging. Facebook is great for sharing the posts once you have it written. Facebook cannot compete with your blog if you use your blog right.


1. Evergreen Small Business: A “How To” Business Blog To Follow

Founder: Stephen L. Nelson, a CPA for three decades

About the Blog: Evergreen Small Business is a practical how-to blog for small businesses. The blog is primarily dedicated to the technical aspects in handling the financial matters of your business. If you have questions with respect to Tax Accounting and Financial Planning for Small Business Owners or simple queries regarding the General Small Business Management and problem solving, this is the answer!

2. Strategic Profits: Work Less Make More Business Blog

Founder: Rich Schefren, an entrepreneur with an education in accountancy and strategic planning

About the Blog: Strategic Profits is a blog with an aim to provide the entrepreneurs with a lot of information to grow their business so as to enable them to make more money while working less all the way. The blog caters to various entrepreneurial habits, strategy and behaviour and the personal limitations of an entrepreneur that are keeping him away from success.

3. New venture mentor: Straight Forward Application Business Blog

Founder: Cate Costa, an MBA by profession

About the Blog: New Venture Mentor is an Entrepreneurship blog where the business concepts are explained in very straight-forward terms. It is all about helping the new entrepreneurs build successful businesses and avoid the mistakes that cause most newbies to fail. The best part about New Venture Mentor blog is that all the posts are also Youtube videos. So, in case if you do not like to read, you can put on the video and enjoy listening or watching it.

4. Startup Professionals: Fast Success For New Business

Founder: Martin Zwilling, a Consultant and an Investor

About the Blog: The blog is primarily focused for the Entrepreneurs who are in a hurry to succeed. It aims to provide the entrepreneurs and startup founders with idea and assistance in regards to incorporate a business while addressing the issues all the while.

5. Feedster: Just Plain Awesome Business Blog

Founder: Will Robins, Entrepreneur

About the Blog: The Blog provides informational read towards the various business categories, like lifestyle, marketing, SEO, business, moneymaking, medical and several other everyday general issues and the achievements related to these issues by skilled entrepreneurs. The blog’s main aim is the publicity of successful entrepreneurs and their success secrets so as to help the reader gain insight and knowledge on the subject.

6. Success Harbor: Great Insights With Wide Topics

Editor & Co-Founder: George Meszaros, also a co-founder of Webene

About the Blog: Success Harbor is a blog for Entrepreneurs and by Entrepreneurs. It is a resource for small entrepreneurs looking for great insights from the established ones. It covers a variety of topic right from the startup idea to how to make your website SEO friendly.
If you are an entrepreneur, Success harbour is the site for you!

7. Young Upstarts: New Generation Of Entrepreneurs Blog

Founder: Daniel Goh, Entrepreneur

About the Blog: Young Upstarts is a blog that is the voice of the new generation. It has content that addresses the need of today’s modern entrepreneur. It has all the modern ideas and information about entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, ideas, innovation, and small business.

8. Designing Strategies: Improve Productivity 

Founder: Terri L Maurer, Business Consultant/Adviser

About the Blog: The Blog is the official Blog for Maurer Consulting group and contains content on a wide variety of topics related to small business, marketing, developing strategies, etc. The posts here can help you to know your basic obstacles and improve your productivity and efficiency. They bring back the confidence in you to lead you on the greater path of success.

9. Small Business Marketing Tools: Free Or Low-Cost Marketing Tools

Founder: Diane Seltzer, Author & Entrepreneur

About the Blog: Small Business Marketing Tools is a guide to free or low-cost marketing tools and resources. It helps small businesses to formulate the strategy to improve their branding, social media marketing, websites and overall business productivity.

10. Bplans Blog: Start, Grow, Plan

Owner: Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc. and has a variety of Contributors.

About the Blog: The Bplans Blog is all about starting and growing a business.It makes starting a busy easy. It has its own community of passionate entrepreneurs who can provide you with daily guidance and directions. It has a lot many offline marketing tools and templates that you can make use of and also provide tips to move your business further towards the path of success It also provides free business plan templates and assists you with what plan would be the best suited for your business.

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