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How Better Intranet Services Can Help Your Business With Employee Retention

Employee retention: while most business owners acknowledge that finding and keeping the right personnel is absolutely vital to the long-term success of their businesses, there is also widespread confusion about how best to do so.
LinkedIn recently reported that as many as one third of new hires will leave their jobs within the first six months, and almost 80% of business leaders list employee retention as being either being an important or an urgent concern.
But while these numbers would suggest that improving retention is an area where businesses are working hard to address shortcomings, comparatively little has been done to deal with the root cause of the problem: employees who feel alienated from their workplaces.
A Matter Of Connection
Studies have shown that most employees genuinely want to contribute to their workplace, and staff turnover is not due (as is sometimes claimed) to personality issues, laziness, or a lack of motivation so much as it is a problem of employees feeling discouraged, disconnected, and alone in their work.
A good worker is one who is invested in the good of their organization and who feels they are a valued member of a team. Increasing rates of employee retention means doing more to make your employees feel connected both to the organization and to their co-workers; this, in turn, means being more intentional about employee integration.
How Intranet Networks Improve Integration
Because issues related to employee retention often stem from problems of integration, solutions need to be directed toward giving workers tools that will make it easier for them to feel more involved. A well-designed intranet network can go a long way toward helping with this.
It is often difficult for people who have been in a particular position in an organization for a long time to appreciate just how hard it can be for new hires to process all of the information they need to digest during their orientation. If employees are thrown into the workplace feeling unprepared for the challenges they will face, this can cause them to disengage.
But with custom intranet solutions for your business you can ensure that your employees have easy access to the information they need in order to discharge their duties. You can also refer them to workflow charts that will direct them toward teammates who can help them if they get stuck.
Many intranet solutions providers also incorporate specialized communication tools as part of their platforms to encourage networking within the organization, and to make sure employees are collaborating with each other on shared projects.
Solving the problem of employee retention requires businesses to adopt a variety of strategies to help workers feel a better sense of integration and belonging. Better intranet systems can help jump-start the process by giving your staff better access to vital documents, procedures, and company information, and by providing them with better tools for reaching out to their teammates.
If you want to change the rate of employee retention in your office, building a better, more user-centred intranet network is the first and most important step toward building a more integrated workplace.