Reasons Why Seasonal Sales Makes Great Sense  


For businesses of all sizes in every industry, taking advantage of different seasons and their corresponding holidays can be highly beneficial. Many businesses make the mistake of believing that if their business isn’t inherently a seasonal one, they don’t have to bend to seasonal demands. But the truth is, there are plenty of opportunities to present your business at seasonal angles. Even more, by doing so, there’s potential to increase long-term profits and brand loyalty. The best of businesses cater to different seasons in unique ways, and to succeed, you should be doing the same. Here are different ways you can navigate through the year use seasonal sales to drive profit:

Seasonal Marketing Materials

Business can also marketing materials to aid their efforts in attracting customers during a specific season. For example, a company that produces all-natural cloth diapers for babies might put up photos of babies and children in the sand and water for the summer to demonstrate versatility, and have a photo shoot in the winter to demonstrate warmth and security. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to make marketing materials, and it can be used for public relations, your website, social media, and print opportunities.

Utilize Social Media

The majority of consumers view a business’s activity on social media activity as an indicator of how much they care about their customers, as well as their professionalism and reliability. Today, businesses are expected to communicate with customers across a variety of platforms, including social media. Rather than view this as another chore, you should take advantage of it, especially during different seasons.

For example, on Father’s Day, the Alder Home Security’s Twitter Profile posted several images of fathers with their children alongside captions depicting the important role fathers play in protecting them. One caption read: “Fathers protect simple moments of joy. We offer easy use security packages to keep these moments worry free, check link in bio for more info.” Alder Home Security is just one demonstration of how simple holidays and seasons can be leveraged socially to appeal to different audiences.

Seasonal Content

Seasonal content be a huge traffic driver, and you’d be surprised at the many ways you can spin products and services in seasonal ways. A hair care beauty site could create content using the following spins:

  • Best Haircare Products For Managing Summer Frizz
  • How To Keep Your Hair Smooth Under Winter Hats
  • Best Ways To Keep Your Curls Perfect During Rainy Months

Furthermore, seasonal content can help build link opportunities. When you create valuable content and promote that content to relevant publishers or influencers, the chances of promotion increase. Before you know it, many people will come to your site for advice on how to use specific products and services seasonally. These seasonal pieces are also evergreen content that can be used again and again, season after season with very few tweaks.

Seasonal Price Strategizing

Of course, there’s a difference between adhering to seasonal demands and changing pricing structure based on your business’s specific ability to meet demands during a particular season. Every business manages seasons differently. It can be difficult for businesses who sell winter coats to do well during summer months, for example. But there are still ways to make a profit and resist the urge to shut down shop seasonally. Whether you realize it or not, seasonal pricing is a clever strategy.

One Toronto-based lawn care franchising company called Weed Man suggests its franchisees offer a 10 percent discount during the fall for a year’s worth of lawn care service. That discount is offered on a sliding scale, and gets lower as summer gets closer. As a result, roughly 15 percent of Weed Man customers take the discount and pre-pay for services.

Another seasonal pricing strategy involves increasing prices during peak season to offset declining costs during slower seasons. It’s important to note that, like many business decisions, these actions should be A/B tested on site. In order to demonstrate that these pricing increases work well, you’ll need to have something to compare it to, as this doesn’t always work for every business.



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