Treat The Adventurous Ice Cream Lover In Your Life

With the summer season upon us, specialty ice cream shops are re-opening their doors after a period of hibernation, and ice cream lovers across the country are itching to discover what new delicacies are trending at their favourite parlour. Rather than settling for soft serve or a few simple scoops in a sugar cone, why not try something different though no less delicious? Thanks to creative confection-making, there are new and complimentary fusions of tastes available for those looking for something fun and refreshing.

Partnering ice cream with a rich dough for example is a new, delicious way to enjoy an old favourite. Mochi ice cream is a delicious confection comprised of sweet and chewy rice dough encasing a cool extra creamy middle (with very little air added for smoothness). These balls can be cut up and served as a finger-food dessert or they can dress anything from a single banana split, to a large cake at an event that is meant to be shared.

Typically, they’re available in a variety of flavours from the classic chocolate or cookies and cream, to green tea, vanilla bean, and even sweet mango. Enjoy these treats conveniently when you purchase a box from My/Mo Mochi by simply unfreezing a selection whenever you like, and just in time for the hot weather. What’s more is they’re available in most major grocery chains, so you and the other ice cream lovers in your family can indulge in parlour-quality ice cream from the comfort of your own home. To learn more about Mochi ice cream, visit Mymomochi.com/blog/ where you’ll find fun Mochi facts and even a store locator to help you find Mochi in your area.

The fruit they use is all pasteurized using a high-temp short-term method, and the eggs they use for stabilizing are pasteurized too so you can feel confident about every bite. Furthermore, they only use locally sourced ingredients from nearby farms and indigenous plants as well as organic dairy for those who are ethically and environmentally conscious. Pair your mochi with anything from fruit slices and chocolate syrup, to serving them with an alcoholic beverage like a liqueur or alternatively, a caffeinated black tea or coffee. For a more relaxing option try mint-chocolate flavoured mochi with an herbal mint tea for a sumptuous snack that will help you wind down after a long day.

For those with an adventurous sweet tooth that enjoy tasting bold and interesting flavours and textures, there are so many creative options for dessert, mochi ice cream being one of them. There is no need for ice cream to be boring, it is after all the season for it! This summer, treat yourself and the ice cream lovers in your family to a special fusion of chewy, cold and creamy pleasantness – you won’t feel the need to enter another soda shop again.

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