10 Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Lady

1. You never have to worry about wearing a jacket because you’re probably covered in a fur coat of your cat’s hair.

You also have a lint roller in every room of your house, in your car and in your purse.

2. There are dozens of different cats in the photos on your phone, most of which aren’t even your cats.

They’re perfect for posting on Instagram, or looking back on when you’re sad.

3. Whenever you see a cat, you instantly freak out and try to pet it/win its love.

Maybe you’ll earn a new best friend to take home.

4. Sometimes you visit your friends only to hang out with their cats.

Especially so you can take more cute cat selfies.

5. You’d rather starve than move your sleeping cat from your lap to make a trip to the refrigerator.

They just look so cute laying there and purring.

6. Several things you own have cat faces on them—from mugs to clothing items.

How else would everyone know you love cats?

7. There is a list, either in your mind or your cell phone, of future cat names.

Ranging from weird to normal, you probably have names like Gatsby, Alice, Ganondorf, and Bobby Jo.

8. Every night, you end up dangling off of your bed because your cat insists on hogging all of the space.

The awful back pains are worth it, though.

9. You frequently go to the store and see things your cat would like.

And obviously you have to buy it—you don’t want your cat to be mad.

10. Whenever you’re at school or work, you count down the minutes until you can see your furry friend again.

Nothing feels better than seeing your cats face peek around the corner, look at you in distaste, and walk away because he was mad you left in the first place. You know he’ll come around in an hour or so to cuddle, which makes everything better.

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