17 Adorable Animals To Start Your Day

1. Barkley, who announced that this will be the year that he breaks out his genuine ~side eye~.

2. This lil fellow who will warm the hearts of everybody by essentially cuddling with his teddy.

3. What’s more, these two who are at the earliest reference point of the best companionship in doggy history.

4. This rescued pup who has two ears up to show his extra adorableness.

5. This kitty who will be the world’s cutest sitter.

6. What’s more, this pair who chose to partner up for 2017 to get whatever number treats as could be allowed with their puppy pooch eyes.

7. This young lady who has numerous New Year’s resolutions, however, none of them including dumping her pacifier.

8. This cool buddy who is prepared to go up against the world in his sweet new kicks.

9. This blue-eyed, dot nosed pup who will change the world with his adorableness.

10. This cat who genuinely has the most faultless planning.

11. This conveyance box pup who intends to have a year brimming with cute amazements.

12. This cardboard tank cat who has some VERY important plans.

13. Dixie the corgi puppy who has high would like to develop into her ears.

14. This lil Bernese puppy who loves to play and cuddle in his master’s bed.

15. This doggy who can hardly wait to kick off his new life with his forever family.

16. This gathering of troublemakers who loves to cause trouble by howling and looking adorable while doing it.

17. And finally, this cat who is the most faithful closest companion a person could request.

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