Are CBD Products Good for Dogs?

In this article, we focus on our dogs and why CBD products are right for them.

CBD 101

There are different chemical compounds in Cannabis plants. Whilst we commonly associate the plant with mind-altering effects, the reality is that only part of the plant is like that.

With modern science, it’s possible to isolate between the 80 compounds present in most modern Cannabis plant strains to just extract the part that is desirable.

The most important compound for dog owners is Cannabidiol (CBD). This is non-hallucinogenic – the major component of hemp – and has been found to be highly beneficial to pets.


Cannabidiol is what is extracted and used in a CBD product. The compound binds itself to receptors in the body to create a specific Cannabinoid profile. As such, certain Cannabidiol strains work better for people or animals.

The level of CBD in these types of products is a very low amount, which means that there’s minimal, if any, THC (the hallucinogen present in Cannabis) found in hemp or CBD retail products.

Because of this, governments around the world are recognizing the distinct difference between CBD products and Cannabis dispensaries leading, to a better understanding.

CBD and Dogs

Just like with humans, dogs can benefit from CBD products too. Cannabis, on the other hand, is not advisable for pets because it has many negative side effects for dogs. Therefore, it’s important to know the difference.

Purchasing, owning, and using CBD products are legal in the United States (traveling with them is the exception, especially through domestic or international airports where different rules apply).

For pets, CBD products have been shown to help deal with aches and pains, improve their immune system, support a better GI digestive tract and improve their demeanor to a more positive one.

For dogs with aging joints or mobility issues, CBD has been shown to reduce their discomfort level, leading to a more active life in their senior years. As a result, they tend to be happier because they can get around more.

Where Can You Get CBD for Dogs?

Canna Companion produce their own line of safe CBD products for dogs. These are carefully formulated from pure sources of CBD to ensure pets can stomach them well and benefit from their consumption.

Reputable companies like Canna Companion have been conducting research and clinical trials into the use of CBD in pets for close to two decades now. Veterinarians are at the front line in this research to provide the best CBD formulations for pets.

They use the Cannabis sativa strain which was found to be the most beneficial for dogs (and cats too). They understand that there are careful dog owners who are worried about questionable imported dog food and supplements.

However, it’s good to know there are CBD products designed and produced entirely for dogs made by dog owners who have the same concerns.

CBD supplements for dogs offer health benefits that are hard to deny any longer. Whether a senior dog with mobility issues or one that has always had digestive problems, CBD is worth giving a try.