Love your Pooch? Then You Need to Read This!

Let’s talk about Dog Tags. These tags that attach to a pet’s collar are one of the simplest ways you can ensure the care and safety of your dog. One ofa dog owners biggest concerns is experiencing the frightening prospect of losing your faithful friend. Sometimes even the relative safety of a fenced-in yard in not fool proof. There are many methods of keeping track of pets today but a custom dog tag is in reality still the best way. Microchips are a good thing to have in case your dog’s collar comes off while missing. A tag on your dog’s collar makes returning your animal to you safely much more likely and faster. You want to ensure an animal control officer or a kindly neighbor will be able to locate you and return your pet. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having a well-made custom dog tag. It is affordable, practical and recommended by animal experts as a must have.

Here at Simplewag, we know that your pooch is not just a pet but a member of the family. A missing dog can cause severe anxiety and guilt until the pet is found. The rate of missing dogs never returned is around 20%. Making sure your dog has a custom id is a great preventative measure that can improve the chances of a lost dog being found by a wide margin. Many dog owners assume that their dog will never go missing. They think the fence in the yard is reliable enough or that the dog would not wonder away. They may also think the dog can find his or her way home. Gates can accidentally be left ajar and the rate of dogs going missing should sober any conscientious pet owner. Simplewag makes it amazingly easy to order a long lasting set of tags for your dog. We have solutions if you hate the jingling sound and options for personal style.

Simplewag is a company started with one goal in mind. Help pet owners have healthy, safe and happy pets. We know your pets mean a great deal to you, but with so much information available it can be hard to find out what you actually need to know. Now you can have animal experts at your fingertips to offer you the best and most practical advice. One of our big focuses is your pet’s food. What can you do to ensure they are getting the right nutrition and avoid allergens that can cause major health issues. Some of the top health problems our pets are suffering with can be tied to what type of food they are eating. We are here to help you learn exactly how to avoid this with an all natural diet. I know you are thinking that sounds very expensive and difficult. The truth is with the right tools and information it can be a smooth and easy transition. One that will drastically improve your pet’s longevity and health.