Helping An Older Pet Enjoy A Happy Life

Pets age much faster than us humans. By the time a dog is in his early teens, he is well past middle-age in terms of doggie years. As your faithful pet’s owner, it’s your job to make sure he stays happy and healthy. There are a number of ways you can do this, so read on for a few helpful tips.
Helping An Older Pet Enjoy A Happy Life

Regular Health Checks

Regular health checks are very important for all pets, but they become even more critical as a pet gets older. Your vet is trained to spot the signs of health problems. Many pet owners take their dog for a health check at the same time as they have their shots, as this is more convenient. Your vet will probably run some blood tests to check your dog’s liver and kidney function. He can also advise you on senior dog health issues such as arthritis and joint pain.

Food Supplements

There are a number of helpful supplements you can give your dog as he gets older. These can protect his joints and ensure he stays flexible and free of pain. Glucosamine and Omega-3 and 6 are all very useful. CBD oil is also well-known as an effective remedy for dogs. Many senior dogs have seen a marked improvement in their health when given CBD oil. It can inhibit cancer, relieve the pain of arthritis, and reduce inflammation. CBD oil for dogs is perfectly safe, but make sure you buy products from reputable suppliers such as CBD Giants.

Soft Memory Foam Bed

Imagine sleeping on a hard pad on a concrete floor. It would be deeply uncomfortable. Then imagine how painful it would be if your joints had seized up and you were crippled with arthritis. A senior dog deserves a soft bed to ease his joints. Memory foam beds are ideal, as they offer plenty of support and mold to the dog’s shape. If your dog is an outdoor pet, make sure he has a soft comfortable bed in his kennel, one that is protected from the wind and rain.

Senior Food

Dogs have different nutritional requirements as they age. Younger dogs need plenty of calories as they are more active whereas older dogs need fewer carbs and more oils to protect their joints. Always buy a good quality dog food that’s designed for senior pets. Be careful not to overfeed a senior dog. Older dogs are less active, so they don’t need as many calories. Weight gain puts added pressure on joints, which exacerbates problems such as arthritis.

Cut Down on the Long Walks

Regular exercise is critical for a dog’s emotional and physical well-being, but long walks are not advised for senior dogs. Too much vigorous exercise can do more harm than good, and it isn’t fair to expect your old dog to continue accompanying you on your morning jog. Give your senior pup a break and let him walk at his own pace. If he seems tired or sore, stick to a short walk in the garden.
Take care of your senior dog and he’ll go on loving you unconditionally for many more years to come.

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