Popular Dog Breeds and Their Health Issues

Today, there are numerous breeds to choose from, ranging from big to small, and color to another. While you expect to add a dog to your family, the excitement should not blind you to the fact that a dog is susceptible to a couple of health issues that can make your management difficult.

Among the many breeds you would prefer, here are some of the popular dog breeds available today, alongside the health issues to anticipate for each kind:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador tops the list as America’s favorite breed of dog, loved for high affection and intelligence.

So, if you are thinking of starting a veterinary business, you may need to understand the health issues likely to come with a popular dog breed like the Lab and create a marketing strategy that will convince prospective clients to come to your office.

This dog is very playful, gentle, and loyal, and in many other ways, makes for a perfect family dog.

In the ideal conditions of maintenance, including proper grooming, plenty of exercise and proper diet, the Lab has very few health issues, which adds to the reasons why it is a favorite for many.

However, should this breed of dog be under-exercised by an owner, the Lab dog may become obese, exposing it to increased risks of joint diseases. Further, they are also prone to hip and elbow dysplasia from their genetics, and obesity can only make the health issue worse.

German Shepherd

One of the most easily trainable dogs is the German Shepherd. They’re exceptionally intelligent. Most people love this breed of dog for guard duty, which they excel in, not to mention, their wolf-like appearance for people that fancy the wild.

However, you must know that the German Shepherd is also very prone to hip socket deformation, a hereditary disease that often results in arthritis or worse, lameness.

The dog requires a lot of stimulation and exercise for maximum productivity and optimal health.

There are also supplements that are specifically formulated for healthier hips and joints, such as Petlab Joint Health chews. Read more about them on this page.

Golden Retriever

If you are looking for a friendly dog, then this is the breed choice for you. Golden retrievers are very friendly dogs, and better yet, are very intelligent.

Additionally, the Golden Retrievers are very loyal, and because of their intelligence, they are very easy to train.

Therefore, this breed of dog works great for guard duty, as search dogs and service dogs.

Sadly, the Golden Retriever breed of dogs is susceptible to a couple of health risks, among them, skin problems, heart problems, hip and elbow dysplasia, among others. This breed requires utmost care as regards dieting and exercise.


Breeds of small dogs that stay small have attracted a lot of liking across the board, particularly for the reason that they are small, with a weight of around 6lbs, and some less.

The dog is ideally easy to maintain, requiring a gentle owner to handle the gentle canine animal.

Like other dogs, the Chihuahua has a couple of health concerns to watch for, including cardiac and eye diseases. Still, the most common is the patellar luxation disease that can result in arthritis.

A dog is not only a pet, but a friend, and a family member. Transitioning from not owning a pet to owning a dog requires total commitment, and with pointers on health issues that can affect your breed of choice, maintenance and care will be effortless.