Can Your Phone Help Reduce Work Stress?

As a busy professional, your days are filled with endless to-do lists, tasks, and many last-minute items that you take over to help coworkers — and those are just items that you’re supposed to tackle during your typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work day. And while there are some days where you may feel buried under stress and anxiety, there is one device that offers plenty of solutions: your smartphone. Yes, that’s right. There are a variety of different apps available to help you reduce stress and cope with depression. Check out this list of some of the best apps to help you relax and maybe even be more productive at work.

Meditate Your Stress Away

There are three apps that are great for practicing meditation and mindfulness. The first, Headspace, features both guided and unguided meditations that will help you through all phases of life. This free app has ten sessions, but there are hundreds of extra hours of content, all of which will entice you to subscribe for even more.

Another meditation app called Stop, Breathe & Think allows users to do just that. Giving you the perfect space and skills to stop everything, breathe, and think, this app has guided meditations that are specifically designed to help you take a “time out” so you can concentrate on yourself.

A third meditation app that is worth your consideration is Calm. As the name implies, this app is designed to make you feel and stay calm. Featuring stunning backgrounds and a range of meditations, Calm provides a unique space where you can get away from it all without going anywhere.

Track Daily Behaviors to Become Happier

While there are a few different apps that can help achieve this goal, Pacifica helps reduce both stress and anxiety by tracking your mood, health, and daily goals. It even has a thought diary. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation, Pacifica offers a traditional approach to make you feel happier.

Take a Five-Minute Break

Yoga has taken the relaxation world by storm; in addition to clearing your mind, it helps with strength and endurance, too. One of the best apps to help you channel your inner yogi is Daily Yoga. This free app has more than 500 poses with instructions and over 50 complete yoga sessions. It also has calming background music. Featuring different intensity levels, this app is perfect for beginners and experts. Plus, some of these poses are easy to do right at your desk!

Stay Organized and Connected

Whether you have an office-based job or are a traveling salesmen, everyone has a million things to do and different places to be, which is why task management apps are becoming more popular. These apps allow you to sync up calendars, notes, and to-do lists to help make sure you stay productive and get everything done. Evernote is a note-taking app that lets you record, collect, and share information with your team members. EasilyDo, a virtual assistant, helps to manage and organize to-do lists. The Any.Do app allows you to sync all of your tasks from your smartphone to your home and office computers.

Find the Perfect Smartphone and the Right Provider

Image via Flickr by TheBetterDay

Buying and using the right smartphone, like the LG V20 from T-Mobile, will help in daily production. Designed with a large 5.7-inch touchscreen display and fast 2.15 GHz quad core processor, with this smart phone you’ll be able to work faster and smarter, which can temper stressful situations.

Pairing your smart phone with the right mobile provider will also cut your stress level. Picking a provider that has reception where you need it the most, fast and responsive customer service, and flexible data plans, will help you stay connected. Therefore, if an emergency pops up, you can get everything done fast and efficiently. T-Mobile is an excellent provider to consider.

No matter how you use your smartphone to relax, you’ll find that your favorite device can contribute to your peace of mind. Happy relaxing!