Five Simple Ways To Fix iPhone System Problems

A new concept for iPhone owners, before that few such failures are encountered. Most often, it was solved by a banal reboot or firmware upgrade. Now almost every user of “Apple” technology has observed similar failures on his device or his friend’s device. An iPhone black screen can appear on most models regardless of the iOS version.
iPhone repair tips
There are several main reasons for this strange glitch:

1. Mechanical failure

It often appears on devices that have been in the water. Even the new iPhone 7 with the protection against moisture in this. It is not necessary to heat the smartphone for it. It is enough to actively use it in a humid environment, in the rain or several times to splash the device. It is 100% possible to establish that a black screen began to appear on the device after wetting in any service center. However, the adoption of “water procedures” with a smartphone will become an extra reason to think about the reasons for such glitches.

2. Problem software

Every year iOS becomes more open; developers can embed their modules in many standard programs. This may affect the operation of iOS. Any system update can bring a piece of code that doesn’t dock well with existing applications or settings. Problematic code may also be injected malware or via Wi-Fi hacking. IPhone users can better protect themselves using cybersecurity tools such as an iOS VPN. Prevention, after all, is preferred since only a complete cleaning device with the restoration of the firmware can minimize the chance of a black it, but not all can take such measures. Not everyone wants to turn their iPhone for 50 thousand into a test site.

3. Battery problems

Service wizards point out that battery problems can often cause it. An old worn battery can lead to iPhone crash. On new gadgets, a black screen is usually caused by an overheated battery. This can occur even on a fully serviceable device with a long connection to the charger.
What can be the ways to fix iPhone System Problems
Unfortunately, no advice helps in 100% of cases. We can offer such methods of “treatment.”

  1. Firstly, you have to make sure that you are not using the beta version of iOS, completely disconnect from receiving test builds.
  2. Charge your smartphone properly. Do not keep your iPhone charged all night and followed simple rules for using gadgets during the winter period.
  3. Discard applications that are embedded in system programs. Now in the App Store, there are many add-ons for iMessage, extensions for Safari, informers for the Phone program, third-party keyboards and other add-ons. All of them are embedded in the system and can affect its operation.
  4. Disable the Raise to Wake function (Settings – Screen and Brightness – Raising to activate), which is responsible for turning on the display when the user picks up the iPhone, or Opening with a finger (Settings – Basic – Universal access – Home – Opening, attaching finger). It happens that the simultaneous operation of these two options leads to failures in the system.
  5. If all the methods fail, you can reset your iPhone to the factory settings and use your smartphone, gradually adding programs from the App Store and making changes to the settings. Yes, the output is not the best, but it is the only way to determine precisely what causes the appearance of a dark screen in a particular case. We wish you not to fall into such situations, and if you are caught, quickly find the right way out.