How Micro-Influencers Can Grow Your Business

Even if you are familiar with the idea of social media influencers, you may make the mistake of believing that this is something that only large brands can use. Also, you could attribute influencers to those individuals with millions of followers. However, that’s not always the case. Instead, I want to draw your attention to […]


How To Safeguard Your Best Employees

If you are content with your employees, then you want to keep them with you for as long as possible. Of course, if they also have a reputation for being a valued member of your team, then others may attempt to persuade them to leave you and go elsewhere. The prospect of headhunting is very […]

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Top 7 Leadership Courses to Help You Improve in Your Career

Nowadays, leadership courses are increasingly becoming popular among those who want to boost their leadership ability and skills, looking for a change in career and seeking leadership positions. Thankfully, several courses around the world provide the students with many options in a variety of places that can boost their personal growth and professional development. These […]


Why is Register important when translating?

Professional translators need to take register into consideration when translating. It is not the same if a translator is translating a novel for children, a scientific article or a poem. It goes without saying that every audience is specific and the texts need to be adjusted to the audience’s professions, levels of maturity and needs. […]