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10 Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell your Home

If you have decided to relocate and are about to put your home on the market, your choice of real estate agent is critical, as it could be the difference between a quick sale and months of inactivity. As you would expect, there are many real estate agents in Australia, and some are, of course, better than others.

Here are a few aspects of real estate agents to take into account when looking to sell your property.

  1. Market Leader – Obviously, you want your house listed on the most popular platform by an agent that has a great track record for making the sale, and you could make good use of a local agent-finding service that can be found online. This free service gives you information on all real estate agents that are registered with the provider, including the average number of days a property is on the market, which is a vital aspect of the process.
  2. Professional Presentation – You should expect a professional property photographer to visit, and his images would go with the copy written by an in-house content writer, and the way a property is presented has a lot to do with the number of viewings. Like any other asset, your property needs to look its best, and don’t be surprised if the agent makes a few suggestions on how to brighten up the front elevation.
  3. Maximise Exposure – Of course, everything is online and your agent should be part of a national network, which means your property details will be listed on every website within the network, thus maximising your chances of finding a buyer. Go to and you can quickly receive a free list of recommended real estate agents that cover your region, which helps you to make an informed decision. Once on the site, you have important information about all registered agents at hand, things like the number of properties currently listed, the total number of units sold this year, plus the average number of days before a unit is sold.
  4. Commission – Of course, all real estate agents charge a commission and a local agent-finding service would tell you each agent’s rate of commission. It isn’t always best to go with the agent who charges the least, as agent performance must be considered, and using a free online agent-finding service certainly does make sense. The agent-finder lists the national commission average alongside any agent’s rate of commission, allowing you to instantly compare, and should you feel it too high, simply scroll down the list of agents until you find one that seems to fit the bill. Here is some more information on how real estate agents price their services, which is recommended reading.
  5. Responsive – With so much competition, every real estate agent would be on the ball regarding communication, and from the moment you make that initial enquiry, you can expect rapid response whenever you send a message. You should be kept informed at all times and hopefully, people will be booking viewings.
  6. Testimonials – Of course, hearing from others who were very happy with their agents is reassuring, so do make a point of reading testimonials on agent websites, aside from the obvious ability to sell real estate, you want to deal with pleasant and efficient people, and you can check this aspect easily by reading client testimonials. Click here for more information about the benefits of testimonials, which makes for an interesting read.
  7. Comprehensive Service – Ideally, you want an agent that can assist you with taxes and stamp duty, if applicable, which is something to enquire about. Most established agents would have a very efficient system in place, taking care of everything for their clients, and with so much competition, a lack of service would be the end of a real estate agent.
  8. Type of Property – Some real estate agents focus on apartments, while others tend to concentrate on furnished rental properties, and by searching for an agent that features your type of property, you are increasing your chances of a quick sale.
  9. Location – It is important that the agent’s offices are nearby, and if you use a local agent-finding service, location would be one aspect when searching for suitable agents to sell your home. A local agent would have in-depth knowledge of the area, and are never far away.
  10. Timing – It is important that you are sure that now is a good time to sell your property, and if you would rather not, you could search for suitable tenants until the property market stabilises. In many cases, the relocation demands the sale of the house, and in such cases, the sooner you find a buyer, the quicker you can occupy your new dwelling.

Finding the right real estate agent to sell your home is no longer the challenge it once was, thanks to agent-finding services that are free to the Australian property owner.