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Become a New York Real Estate Agent in 4 Easy Steps

New York is a great place to become a real estate agent. The real estate market is generally in good shape and worth a lot compared to other parts of the United States. You can sell everything from coop apartments to suburban bungalows to luxury condos to waterfront vacation homes. Whatever you want to specialize in, you can find it in New York State.

From beginner real estate agents who are working in property management or with tenants and landlords to high-end luxury real estate agents, there’s something for everyone. But how do you start?


Step #1: Sign Up for the 75 Hour Real Estate Course NY

The first step is signing up for the 75 hour real estate course in NY. You can take this course either in a traditional classroom or online.

Doing it online makes it convenient and all about your schedule. You can find affordable online real estate classes in New York from schools like RealEstateU.


Step #2: Pass the Course Exam

You’ve completed the courses, but before you can move on to the NY real estate exam, you have to pass the school’s exam. This is great preparation for the state exam. If you’ve signed up for courses from the right school, you’ll be able to prepare with course material such as RealEstateU’s200 page PDF.


Step #3: Pass the NY Real Estate Exam

Now it’s time to register for and pass the NY real estate exam. The process starts when you sign up for a free account with eAccessNY, part of the licensing department of New York state. That’s where you can schedule your state exam, which happens every Tuesday across the state.

The exam consists of 75 questions and you need a passing grade of 70%. With the right online real estate license courses and solid study resources, you should pass with no problems.


Step #4: Find a Real Estate Broker

You’ve probably heard real estate agents referred to as real estate brokers. They’re actually pretty different. A real estate broker holds your license, and you split your commission with them. But that’s not all a good broker does. They can also provide you with resources to become a better salesperson, office space, and help with meeting your continuing education requirements.

What comes after you earn your real estate license? Unlike other professions, you can’t just start applying for jobs and expect a paycheck two weeks later. You have to start building your business. You’re your own boss, and while that’s one of the most popular reasons to get your real estate license, it also means you’re responsible for your own success.

That can be intimidating at first, but you will quickly learn to love the freedom. It’s best to be prepared and potentially keep working while you build your business part-time. You will have to find clients and start closing deals before you can start drawing an income.

That’s where your blueprint to start earning money as a real estate agent comes in. The first step is getting yourself setup with necessities like a website, marketing materials, and social media accounts.

Next, you need to start finding leads. This can be the toughest part. Using online marketing is a great way to start, as is babysitting open houses for more established real estate agents to make face-to-face connections.

Once you start getting clients, you’re gaining steam. Make them happy and the recommendations will begin to spread. Before you know it, you’ll be a full-time New York state real estate agent.