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How Crowdfunding Has Changed Real Estate Investing

In the last few years, crowdfunding has become a popular term among investors. The real estate sector has well received the idea. The system of crowdfunding is still flourishing and slowly becoming a part of the mainstream investment mechanism.

However, it has reshaped the way individual investors look at the options to invest in properties. The overall structure of crowdfunding is beneficiary not only for the investors but also for the real estate companies.

How things used to work before

Before crowdfunding became an option in the real estate market, it was more about large investors. There was a time when private securities investments were not allowed to market the options publicly.

That means the private deals were limited to the investors in the personal network only. The private investment could go to a six-figure range easily.

Also, the buy-in requirements were high. There was a ban against public soliciting which warded away the average investors. It was a difficult time for the real estate companies as they couldn’t go out of their private circle for investments.

Positive changes that crowdfunding brought to the table

If we look at it from an investment standpoint, real estate crowdfunding is still a relatively new idea. However, it has made the real estate sector much more accessible to the average investor.  

The changes in regulations in the last couple of decades have brought many changes in the investment options.

Instead of relying on a limited number of private connections, real estate companies can now raise a smaller amount and make deals with a large number of investors.

Benefits of Crowdfunding in the real estate sector


If we speak traditionally, the real estate sector was a closed book and it was not accessible to non-professional investors. Crowdfunding has opened the door for small investors.

The admin cost, geographic constraints and high investment cost have come down. The advancements in technology have also helped the remote real estate projects to reach out to a large number of investors.

The real estate crowdfunding platforms are made for laymen who are not technologically well-versed. They can start their investment portfolio in few clicks without much hassle.

Platforms like Crowdestor handle everything for the investors. The only thing you have to worry about investing money and then you can enjoy returns for as long as you want.

Lower capital requirements

Crowdfunding has made it easier for real estate companies to bring down the capital requirements per investor. The financial burden gets divided between hundreds of investors instead of a handful of close door investment firms.

The worldwide real estate market is more than 3.5 billion dollars. Non accredited and nonprofessional investors can start their portfolio in this huge market with an amount as low as $2500 with Crowdestor.

Geographical expansions of portfolios

Real estate used to be a local business. It was important to be aware of the targeted area and investors wanted to have physical access to the projects.

However, with advanced technology, you can invest in real estate irrespective of the borders.

The online platform of Crowdestor allows you to check available options in countries across the globe and provide all the necessary information about the market and regulations that different countries follow in real estate.

No administrative duties

The platforms like Crowdestor take away all the stress involved in the administration of the investments in the real estate market. What you need to do is to read the details of the options available and invest the amount.

Crowdestor will take care of the transactions, documentation and other requirements on your behalf. The whole process has become hassle free for investors.

Reliable information

Reliable information about real estate projects has always been a headache for investors. The insider knowledge that was available before was not always a hundred percent true and there were chances that the investors will lose money.

However, the case is entirely different from platforms like Crowdestor. All the information on these platforms is checked multiple times on every level before the investment option opens for any project.

Also, the information is in the simplest possible language which makes it easier for the investors to make the final decision.


Crowdfunding has changed the face of the real estate market. It has brought transparency to the investment sector. The inclusion of small investors has made it easier for companies to expand their horizons.

Small scale investments make it possible for investors to explore options across the globe. The administrative cost is at an all-time low and the returns are higher than expected because of platforms like Crowdestor.